18 September 2013

One More To Go

The nail biting in New Zealand continues for one more day as the second race of the America's Cup has been called off due to excessive wind. It reminds me of that Willie Wonka quote, "The suspense is terrible. I hope it will last." Emirates Team New Zealand took the first race of the day and the score is now 8-1 with 9 points needed to win the cup. Oracle Team USA has actually won 3 races, but because they cheated, they were penalized and started out at negative 2 points. Nobody likes a cheater.

You can see red socks everywhere as New Zealand gets closer and closer to bringing the America's Cup back home. The red socks are in remembrance of the late Sir Peter Blake who led New Zealand to victory in successive America's Cup campaigns. For each campaign, Sir Peter's wife Pippa gave him a different pair of socks for good luck. His good luck socks for the 1995 America's Cup in San Diego were red. The one time he didn't wear them during the campaign, Sir Peter was injured and they lost the race. After that the entire team started to wear red socks for the rest of the races, along with Kiwis throughout New Zealand. And it must have helped as New Zealand won the America's Cup that year. Maybe it is helping again this time around as you can find red socks on the feet of almost every Kiwi both at home and abroad. So put your socks on and cross your fingers - one more race to win.

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