11 September 2013

I Made NZ$125.48 This Week!

It's true - I made NZ$125.48 this week and you can too! If you want to make some easy money, just click on this link. Make sure you have your bank account details handy. You won't believe how simple it is to make tons of money all from the comfort of your living room or sailboat. Go on, click on the link...you know you want to. You can trust me, really!

Okay, all of the gullible people have gone so I'll tell you how I really made NZ$125.48. As we'll be moving onto our sailboat permanently soon, I'm in the process of trying to downsize my worldly goods. I started with my DVD collection and, while I didn't get rid of any (much to Scott's dismay), I did make them more compact by putting them in DVD wallets. The next big project I have been tackling is my clothes. Since leaving the land of corporate madness, I haven't needed all of my work clothes and I'm pretty sure I won't be wearing any of my cocktail dresses while sailing. As we'll be living off of our savings, every penny counts so I've decided to try to sell what I can to add to our cruising kitty.

There are two consignment shops that I found in Auckland - Recycle Boutique and Tatty's. Recycle is the larger of the two and seems to cater to the younger crowd and is staffed by hip-looking kids. They are very particular about what clothes they accept for resell as their young, hip customers don't want to buy anything that their nana might think is fashionable. Whenever I walk in there with a bag of clothes I can see them roll their eyes and hear them start to whisper to each other, "Look at the middle aged, frumpy lady walking in here. She can't be serious! Does she really think that we would take any of her clothes to sell? Does she think nanas shop here?" They think that because I am middle aged my hearing must have gone already and I can't hear them. But I'm not that far gone and they come through loud and clear. Fortunately, their nanas and mothers raised them right, so when I get up to the counter they go through my clothes very politely and call me ma'am which is code for frumpy middle aged lady.

One of the great things about Recycle is that anything that they reject they put into a big bin which they take up to the Auckland City Mission for you. So even if they reject your clothes, you know they are still going to a good cause. While most of my clothes go in their Auckland City Mission reject bin, from time  to time I surprise them with something trendy and fashionable which they accept into stock. Of course the only reason I have any trendy and fashionable items is when I've made the mistake of thinking I am young, trendy and fashionable while out shopping and bought them by mistake. Once I'm home and try them on in the cold light of day, I realize the error of my ways and tuck them into the back of the closet in hopes that one day I'll be young, trendy, fashionable and a few pounds lighter. Many, many stores in New Zealand do not take returns unless the merchandise is faulty so you're generally stuck with what you buy. That includes any inappropriately young and trendy fashion mistakes. There isn't any room on our boat for these kinds of "mistakes" so the girls at Recycle have kindly taken them from me.

The other place I take my clothes is Tatty's. Tatty's is a bit more "upscale" in terms of consignment shops and is even pickier then Recycle. I tend to take more of my "brand name" clothes to them for sale as I can get better prices. Anything that doesn't sell at Tatty's then gets taken to Recycle to see what the girls there think of them. The staff at Tatty's are also hip, young and trendy, but they hide their disdain for nanas and middle aged ladies a bit better. By the way, if you're in Tatty's anytime soon, there is a lovely little red Keith Matheson number for sale. Go on, try it on. See, it looks great on you! You just have to get it!

I'm slowly working my way through my clothes and taking things into Recycle and Tatty's but in the meantime, I actually made some money this week selling my old stuff! The cruising kitty is very happy. And so is Scott as that means less stuff to cram on the boat.

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