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The Grand Canyon State | 48th State (1912) | Capital - Phoenix | Population - 6,626,624

Bright Angel Point, North Rim, Grand Canyon
Bright Angel Point on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona

Oh Grand Canyon, You've Disappointed Me
{Yes, I know it is sacrilegious to say this, but the Grand Canyon didn't live up to all of the hype the first time I saw it.}

Okay, Grand Canyon, You've Redeemed Yourself
{Alright, maybe I was tired and hungry the first day we were at the Grand Canyon, because the place seemed to have redeemed itself by Day 2 of our trip.}

Going for a Walk with Potato Chips: The Kaibab Trail
{Finally, some exercise advice that makes sense. The National Park Service advises that you eat plenty of salty snacks while walking the Kaibab Trail in the Grand Canyon. Bring on the potato chips!}

Traveling in the Navajo Nation | Hubbell Trading Post
We stumbled across the Hubbell Trading Post during our travels in the Navajo Nation. Fascinating place to learn more about Navajo culture and history.

The Golden State | 31st State (1850) | Capital - Sacramento | Population - 38,340,000

Camp 4, Yosemite National Park, California
Camp 4 at Yosemite National Park, California
Bears & Tall Trees
{Avoiding bears while admiring the redwood trees at the Redwood National & State Parks in northern California.}

Bears Scare the Crap Out of Me!
{Near bear encounters while camping at National Parks in California.}

Lassen Volcanic National Park in Just 3 Hours
{While it isn't ideal, you can see the highlights of Lassen in just 3 hours including the place where Giants hurl boulders at each other.}

Guns & Beer - What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
{Exploring old Californian mining towns and discovering an establishment where you can buy a pint of beer while shopping for your next gun.}

Yosemite, Kim Kardashian & The Olive Garden
{What do Yosemite, Kim Kardashian and the Olive Garden have in common? Thankfully, nothing! Details of our time in Yosemite - one amazing national park!} 

Would You Rather Be a Tall Redhead or a Squat One?
{Details of what we got up to at Sequoia National Park, plus some strange ramblings about wanting to be a Rockette dancer and giant blue pigs from outer space.}

Two Weirdos Collecting Firewood
{I'm not sure what is so strange about collecting firewood, but we sure got some strange looks at Kings Canyon National Park.} 

Evil Tribbles & Other Random Nonsense
{Beware of the evil tribbles in Joshua Tree National Park. Some people call them Cholla cactus, but they're actually related to the furry tribbles you find on Star Trek.} 

Chasing after Tarantulas
{Male tarantulas are on the move during the autumn months in search of a mate. Scott managed to track one down crossing the road in the Mojave National Preserve.}

Star Wars Geeks in the Desert
{Did you know parts of the first two Star Wars movies were filmed in Death Valley National Park? Not a fan - don't worry, there's plenty of other things to see and do there!}

The Sunshine State | 27th State (1845) | Capital - Tallahassee | Population - 19,893,297

Boardwalk to the beach at Gulf Islands National Seashore

The Reality of Boondocking in Panama City, Florida
{The good, the bad and the ugly of our boondocking experience in Panama City.}

Going for a Walk: Gulf Islands National Seashore, Florida
{If don't like white sandy beaches and blue-green waters, then Ft Pickens isn't the place for you!}

The Brighter Side of Boondocking at Hagen's Cove, Florida
{Have you ever taken your chances and camped somewhere overnight, not knowing if it was 100% legit? We did at Hagen's Cove and it was well worth it!}

Life in Florida Lately
{What's been going on for us while we've been roaming around Florida in our tiny travel trailer. One of the highlights - armadillo spotting!}

Going for a Marina Walk: Panama City, Florida
{Do you like marinas? Do you like going for walks? Do you like exploring new towns? Then check out the great time we had in Panama City!} 

Now I'm Too Warm
{We had a great time soaking up the sunshine in Cedar Key and Shell Mound. And was that an alien invasion from outer space that we saw?} 

The Road to Nowhere, Unless Walmart is Somewhere
{Our usual laid back approach to travel and Florida don't seem to go together. Something is going to have to give or else we may be heading back up north!}

Hanging Out at Crystal River State Preserve
{Sometimes, there's nothing better than hanging out and doing nothing.}

More Life in Florida Lately
{The latest on what we've been up to in Florida. Big news - we made it all the way to the southernmost point in the continental United States.} 

Accidental Discoveries: Robinson Preserve, Bradenton, Florida
{One of the benefits of a laid back approach to travel is stumbling across a place you wouldn't normally find - like Robinson Preserve.} 

That De Soto Fellow Sure Got Around
{The De Soto National Monument in Bradenton is a great place to brush up on your history.}

A Whistle Stop Tour of the Sarasota-Bradenton Area
{We crammed a lot in on our tour of the area including Ethiopian food and beers at a tiki bar on Anna Maria Key.}

Hanging Out with the Wi-Fi Crowd at Myakka State Park
{You know you're been on the road too long when free Wi-Fi makes you jump up and down for joy.}

Alligators Scare the Crap Out of Me
{Alligators up close and a little too personal at Shark Valley Visitor Center in the Everglades.}

We've Become Scamper Stalkers at Collier-Seminole State Park
{Nothing better than going for an evening stroll and looking for other Scamp travel trailers in your campground.}

Boats & Traffic Nightmares in Naples, Florida
{Wow - there sure are a lot of people and cars in Florida! Looking at boats in Naples is a good way to distract yourself from all of the traffic jams.}

Going for a Walk: Key West, Florida
{We spent a cheap and cheerful day in Key West and managed to limit our spending to a few beers and some soft serve.}

The Secret's Out | Free Camping in Florida
{Yes, it is possible to find free camping in southern Florida, but we can't tell you where. We've been sworn to secrecy.} 

Yet More Life in Florida Lately
{Some more bits and bobs of what we've been up to lately including a ranch rodeo, alligators and looking for our next sailboat.}

On the Art of Being a Slug
{We did absolutely nothing for two days while we were at Jonathan Dickinson State Park. Check out this post for five simple rules on the art of being a slug.}

Scamper Goes Gambling!
{Not only does the Miccosukee Casino near Miami let you stay overnight in their parking lot for free, they also give you $30 of credit to try your luck on the machines.}

Wee Beasties & Other Random Nonsense
{After five days camping at Flamingo in the Everglades National Park, we were covered with insect bites. Fortunately, there's more to see and do there then just trying to avoid the wee beasties.} 

Touring the Historic Nike Missile Site
{There's more than stunning scenery and wildlife in the Everglades. Don't miss the tour of the historic Nike missile site - a chilling reminder of the Cold War.}

J is for Jolly Good Neighbors
{The RV community is full of the nicest, most helpful people you'll ever meet. Thank goodness for the wonderful couple we met at the Jolly Rodger Travel Resort in the Florida Keys - don't know what we would have done without them!}

K is for the Key West Garden Club
{The Key West garden club has a wonderful botanic garden that you can visit for free. A lovely respite from the hustle and bustle of all the tourists and crowds in Key West.} 

P if for Polar Bears
{We spotted more polar bears in Florida. Even polar bears want to be snowbirds during the winter and escape to the Sunshine State.}

Q is for Quirky
{One of the quirkiest places we've camped at has to be Linger Lodge near Bradenton, Florida.}

U is for Up, Up & Away
{If you want to see a rocket launch from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, there's no better place than the Manatee Hammock campground in Titusville.} 

V is for Vultures & Other Nonsense
{Watch out for the vultures if you go to Manatee Springs State Park in Florida. As if alligators weren't scary enough, now you have to worry about gangs of vultures going after you.} 

The Seminole Inn | Indiantown, Florida
Experience a bit of old Florida at the Seminole Inn, enjoy their fried chicken buffet and check out the Seminole murals while you're there.

The Gem State | 43rd State (1890) | Capital - Boise | Population - 1,595,728

Taxidermy in Wallace, Idaho
Taxidermy in Wallace, Idaho
Bullet Holes, Tunnels & Moose in Northern Idaho
{Exploring small towns in Northern Idaho including Harrison, St. Maries, Avery and Wallace.}

Going for a Walk: Coeur d'Alene
{Pictures from our stroll through downtown Coeur d'Alene in Northern Idaho.}
This Map Is Useless
{Exploring Murray, an old gold mining town in Northern Idaho.}

Life in Coeur d'Alene Lately
{Snapshot of what we've been up to in Coeur d'Alene while visiting family.}

Apple Pie without Cheese Is Like a Hug without the Squeeze
{Some of the best pie ever can be found at The Pie Hut in Sandpoint, Idaho!}

Sorry, Not Open This Week
{We stopped by Kellogg the other day. The downturn in the mining economy has hit this cute, little town hard. So depressing!}

Looking for Mennonites
{Bonner's Ferry is worth a visit if you're ever in Idaho. And rumor has it, there is a great Mennonite bakery there!}

More Life in Coeur d'Alene Lately
{Lately in Coeur d'Alene, there has been sailing, Ethiopian food and even a Minnesota and North Dakota specialty - tater tot hotdish!}

Going for a Walk: Fourth of July Pass
{Located in North Idaho, the Fourth of July Pass has some great walking trails. Who wouldn't want to go for a stroll on a trail called the Loose Moose?}

Going for a Walk: Cougar Bay
{You can tell a walk is boring when one of the biggest highlights is seeing a wooly caterpillar on the trail. But hats off to the Nature Conservancy for protecting this area in North Idaho.}

The Pelican State | 18th State (1812) | Capital - Baton Rouge | Population - 4,649,676

New Orleans waterfront
Driving to Louisiana
{Pictures from my phone of our drive to Louisiana.}

Snuggling up with Shrimp in Grande Isle, Louisiana
{What do you do when the weather sucks and you're stuck inside your RV? Eat shrimp and drink wine, of course!}

Desperate for a Toilet in New Orleans, Louisiana
{I love New Orleans, but they really could use some more public toilets.}

Going for a Walk: New Orleans
{We stayed at a dodgy RV park in New Orleans. The good thing about dodgy RV parks is that they're relatively cheap which means you have lots more money for beignets. Fried dough and heaps of powdered sugar - yum!} 

The Big Sky State | 41st State (1889) | Capital - Helena | Population - 1,015,165

Yaak River Tavern, Yaak, Montana
The Yaak River Tavern in Yaak, Montana
The "Last Great Place in the World"
{Check out Yaak in Montana. It is a little off the beaten track, but well worth the trip!}

North Dakota
The Peace Garden State | 39th State (1889) | Capital - Bismarck | Population - 723,393 

Old postcard showing a deep test oil well in Ray, North Dakota
Life in North Dakota Lately
{A glimpse into what life has been like while we've been in North Dakota. I'll give you a hint - it's freezing!}

The Beaver State | 33rd State (1859) | Capital - Salem | Population - 3,899,353

Zombie raccoon at the Peculiarium, Portland Oregon
Zombie raccoon at the Peculiarium in Portland, Oregon
Going for a Walk: St. John's & Forest Park, Portland
{A 5 mile hike from St. John's, over the Willamette River and through Forest Park.}

Keeping Portland Weird: The Peculiarium
{A visit to a gallery and store of the strange in Portland. If you like zombies, vampires and aliens, then this is the place for you.}

Life in Portland Lately
{A snapshot of what's been going on while visiting family in Portland.}

Cheesy & Greasy at the Oregon Coast
{Hitting the cheesiest tourist attraction in Oregon - the Tillamook Cheese Factory - and enjoying some fish and chips on the coast.}

Beaches & Sea Critters at the Oregon Coast
{Exploring beaches and lighthouses, seeing sea critters at the Oregon Coast Aquarium and checking out boats in Newport.} 

More Life in Portland Lately
{A snapshot of what's been going on while we've been back in Portland getting ready for our trip to North Dakota.} 

Going For a Walk: Looking for Old Signs in Portland
{If you like old ghost signs and neon signs, there are some great ones on Portland.} 

The Craziness Begins
{Exploring the stunning scenery at the Samuel Boardman Scenic Corridor in southern Oregon.}

Weird Eggs, Difficult Decisions & Kittens
{A visit to the Chinese Garden in Portland and a trip to the Oregon Humane Society to check out the kittens.}

Random Nonsense in Portland
{Some insight into what Crazy Cat Ladies do when they're not paying attention to their cats.} 

The Lone Star State | 28th State (1845) Capital - Austin | Population - 26,956,958

Jersey Lilly Saloon at the Judge Roy Bean Visitor Center in Langtry, Texas

Life in Texas Lately
{What's been going on for us lately in Texas while we're looking for our next sailboat.}

Going for a Walk: Kemah, Texas
{Kemah is a cute little town outside of Houston on the Galveston Bay. Great place for a walk, if only the weather was warmer!}

Whining about the Weather in Galveston, Texas
{Sorry, the weather has continued to be crappy, so this post is a bit whiny. But there is a picture of a bikini model photo shoot to distract you from my whinging.}

More Life in Texas Lately
{What we got up to in our last few days in Texas before we headed off in search of better weather.}

B is for Big Bend National Park
{A recap of our time at Big Bend National Park on the Texas-Mexico border.} 

C is for Christmas in Boquillas, Mexico
{If you're visiting Big Bend National Park, be sure to take a day trip to the border town of Boquillas in Mexico. We were lucky enough to be there on Christmas Day and see Santa hand out presents to the kids.}

The Beehive State | 45th State (1896) | Capital - Salt Lake City | Population - 2,900,872

Windows Arch, Arches National Park, Utah
Windows Arch in Arches National Park, Utah

Going for a Terrifying Walk: Angels Landing {Zion National Park}
{Would you want to be the sixth person to plummet to their death from the Angels Landing trail? Or would you chicken out like me?}
The Evergreen State | 42nd State (1889) | Capital - Olympia | Population - 6,971,406

Flower at Manito Park, Spokane, Washington
Flower at the botanic gardens at Manito Park in Spokane, Washington

Going for a Walk: Spokane
{Pictures from our 10 mile walk through downtown Spokane in the eastern side of Washington State.} 

Going for a Walk: Manito Park, Spokane
{Pictures from our walk through the stunning botanic gardens in Spokane.}

Desolation, Dust & Tiny Towns
{Take a drive through Eastern Washington State and you might just be surprised by the barren beauty.}

The Elusive Bigfoot, Serendipity & The Art of Being Thirteen
{In search of Bigfoot at Mt St Helens.}  

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