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Once upon a time, I wrote a post about nine sailing blogs I had a bit of a crush on. In some ways, I really wish I hadn't written that post because it only called out just a few of the many, many, many blogs I follow and adore. To be honest, those were really just the ones that were on my mind on that particular day. So, as a follow-up to that post, I thought I would start a list of all of the sailing blogs currently on my radar screen.

I think it is great that people are so willing to share their sailing adventures - whether they're just in the planning stage, have been out there for years or have pulled up the anchor and moved onto a new stage of their life. There are so many different perspectives, styles of writing, descriptions of different places you can sail and travel to, stories of the highs and the lows, fantastic pictures and some great comedy moments as well. I've been truly inspired by all of the blogs that I have been reading and learned heaps.

I have to say that I've found that discovering new sailing blogs to read is sometimes like a little bit of a treasure hunt. There are gems hidden out there, but sometimes hard to find. And I know that I've always appreciated it when other people have shared their blog rolls as they have pointed me in the direction of new sailing blogs to read and adventures to follow. So now it is my turn to share as well with my sailing blog list below.

If you don't see your blog here and want to share, let me know as I would love to check it out and add to the list.

2 Free Spirits 
A Dream to Sail 
A Yacht More to Life
Adventures Aboard SV Ally Cat 
Adventures on Boats
Adventures on S/V Evergreen
Adventures Out Here
Any Way the Wind Blows 
Apparently Sailing 
Around n'Circles
Astrolabe Sailing
Atlantic Yacht 
Bailey Boat Cat
Bettie del Mar

Bimini Dream
Blowin' Bubbles 
Bri & Rob's Sailing Adventure

Brian Round Britian
Brimble's Blog
Building A Pathfinder

Butterfly Adventures
Calm Seas Gentle Breeze 

Captain's Blog
Captain Curran 
Caro Babbo
Catching the Horizon 
Ceilydh Set Sail
Changes Going South
Claud 481  
Collecting More Sunsets
Commuter Cruiser
Cream Puff

Cruising Aboard Freedom
Cruising Pink Diamond
Cygnus III 
Daisy at Sea
Denali Rose 
Dreamtime Sail 
Escape from Reality
Flying Pancakes
Fortunes Afloat 
Gaviidae Sails
Growing a Pair 
Hamburg VII 
Have Wind Will Travel 
Hardly Anything Works
Harts at Sea
Have Wind Will Travel 
He Sails, She Sails
Hermes Wanderings
Impetuous Too 
Interview with a Cruiser
It’s a Necessity

It's Irie
Interesting Sailboats
Jack & Jude
John Vigor

Julia Sails 
Just a Little Further
Karen & Jim’s Excellent Adventures

Kismet Adventures 
Knot Tied Down 
Knotty Cat Tales

Landfall Voyages
Lat 43 North
Le Rapide Escargot 
Let It Be
Let It Breeze 
Life Afloat

Life in the Slow Lane
Life of a Sailor 
Little Cunning Plan

Live Blogging the ICW
Live Free 2 Sail Fast
Living Adrift 
Living Life on the Run 
Love & Rum 
Magic #16
Mangoes, Marley & Mermaids 
Masts & Mastiffs 
Matt & Jessica’s Sailing Page
Mid-Life Cruising

Midori Lantern
Miss Chips 
Monday Never
Mondo Vacilando

Monster Sails
Moondance 38
Moore Better World
More Hands on Deck
More Joy Everywhere

Mosaic Voyage
Newly Salted

Not Quite Seasoned, But Very Well Salted
Ocean Phoenix
Off Island Life
On Gwen 
Our Water Log 
Path of the Blazing Sarong 
Pease Crows Nest 
Pied a l'Eau 
Plodding in Paradise

Poor Man's Sailing Blog
Project Atticus 
Project Blue Sphere
Rain Dog
Rebel Heart

Rode Trip 
S/V Alchemy 
S/V Bebe

S/V Breeze On
S/V Cambria
S/V Del Viento

S/V Espiritu: The Diary of a Wimpy Cruiser
S/V Estrellita

S/V Heartbeat
S/V Moneypenny
S/V Nyon
S/V Orion
S/V Orion 1  
S/V Outbound
S/V Perry 
S/V Prism
S/V Rainy Days 
S/V Round About
S/V Shirley Jean 
S/V Smitty
S/V Sundancer 
S/V Taipan
S/V Terrapin 
S/V The Red Thread
S/V Tuuletar
S/V Veranda
S/V Violet Hour
S/Y Delfini 
SY Dolphin Dance
SY Sophia

SY Spinvill
SY Temptress of Dawn  
Sail Away Girl 
Sail Antilia
Sail Far Live Free
Sail in Finland 
Sail Lady Passages
Sail Panache 
Sail Raptor
Sailboat Lady 
Sailboat Story
Sailing into the Blue
Sailing Voyage 
Sails n Tails
Sailing A&B
Sailing Banjo 
Sailing Chance

Sailing Chiron
Sailing Clarity 
Sailing Consort
Sailing Genevieve 
Sailing to Inspire
Sailing Illusion
Sailing In 2 Deep
Sailing Joana 
Sailing Journey
Sailing Luna Sea

Sailing Mahadee
Sailing on Mahi
Sailing on Windsong II 
Sailing Nomads 
Sailing Pelagia
Sailing Sabrina
Sailing Saga Sea
Sailing Simplicity

Sailing thru Life
Sailing Tranquility Bay
Sailing Vanessa
Sailing with Kids
Sailing with Totem
Sailing Wondertime

Sailing Zoot Allures 
Scot Free
Sea Us Sailing 
Seagull Dreaming
Seamless Sailor 
Setting Course
Shalimar's Voyage
She Wants to Sail 
Sherrie's Cruising Blog 

Skelton Crew
Skipper Cami 
Skipperette's Log 
Slow Sailing
Smith Tribe Sailing
Stone Age 
Summertime Rolls 
Sundowner Sails Again
Swiss Family Probst 
Take to the Sea
Tender Vittles
Tiki Trek Sailing
The Art of Hookie
The Boat Galley

The Lady J 
The Larks of Independence
The Liveaboards' Logbook
The Monkey’s Fist

The Naked Sailor
The Ocean Spirit 
The Retirement Project
The Sailing Podcast

The Sailing Rode
The Saavy Sailor 
The Slapdash
The Spray Logs
The Yarrow Gypsies 
This Rat Sailed

Three Kids & Orion 
Tiki Trek Sailing
Til The Butter Melts 
Tiny Sails
Trailer Sailor Cruiser 
Trawler Beach House
Trippin Turpins
Twice in a Lifetime 
Two At Sea
Vawters on the Water 
Vivian's Voyage
Venture Minimalists
Verona Leslie
Voyage into Healing 
Voyages of Threepenny Opera 
Where is Brick House? 
Where the Coconuts Grow
Wild Blue Yonder 
Wildcat Sailor Girl
Winds of Time 
Windborne in Puget Sound

Winging It with Freebird
With Brio

With Water Below
Women & Cruising
Wright Away Sails Away

Wrinkles in Our Sails
Yacht Summertime 
Zero to Cruising



  1. Thanks for a great list, its blowing 40 and raining, a perfect day for some web sailing :)

    1. Thanks - sounds like a perfect day to read sailing blogs!

  2. Oooh, so many new ones to check out! Plus yours of course - I HAD to click on a blog titled "The Cynical Sailor" when it showed up in our "referrers" list. Too bad I don't have reliable enough internet to get through all of these - gonna have to pick and choose a bit. Hardly Anything Works is on the short list - we can totally relate. Definitely check out Venture Minimalists (http://www.ventureminimalists.net/) and SV Red Thread (http://svtheredthread.com) - two other young couples I follow via the blogosphere. Nice to meet you electronically!!!

    All the best,
    SV Serenity

    1. Thanks Harmony - great suggestions which I'll check out and add to this list!

  3. Good morning from the Mediterranean, We are a family who sold everything they own 4 years ago to buy a boat to live aboard whilst we sail around the world slowly. If you want to do things properly then don't look at our blogs as we are always getting into trouble and messing things up. We would be honoured if you could add us and our boat Cygnus III to your list though.

    1. Wow, your blog looks very cool with some great graphics! Have added you to the list. Can't wait to explore your adventures as it is reassuring to know that other people get into trouble and mess things up too!

  4. Thank you to The Cynical Sailor for adding us to the list. You will see that if you can do something wrong then we have done it. We do occasionally learn by our mistakes but we also find newer and far better ways of doing something else wrong. Thank you again for adding us.

  5. Great list of blogs! I'm especially interested in sailing in Europe, i am sure i will find something for myself there! Thanks!

  6. I would like to welcome you to our Sailing Community - Clubtray Sailing

  7. Agree totally with your appreciation of sailing blogs. Great way to share info and adventure. We sail Australia - All of it. Our website has Cruising Guides, masses of photos and vids, practical tips and of course our blog.

    1. You guys have a great website - lots of useful information for folks wanting to sail in Australia!

  8. Thanks so much for sharing our blog - it's fun to be part of the blogging community and to learn so much from everyone here!

  9. Yay! Nice to be on your list. Thank you :) Can't wait for a rainy day and a sleeping baby so I can start checking all these out xx

  10. Glad we made the list! sure means a lot. Thank you for enjoying our travels. - LivingAdrift.com S/V Splendid Isolation

    1. Looking forward to following long on your adventures :-)

  11. Just wanted to say thanks for adding our blog (MangoesMarleyAndMermaids.com) to your list! We're still new to the whole blogging thing, but we're trying hard! :)

    1. No problem! Love having you guys on the list - you have a fun blog :-)

  12. Hi there,

    we've returned from Mexico, but are still keeping up our sailing (etc) blog:



    1. Thanks for sharing David! I've added you guys to the sailing blog list and am looking forward to following along with your adventures!

    2. What a wonderful list! Lots for us to read through...we have just finished our first season cruising...and have set up a blog :) would be great to add it to your list! Check out:

    3. Thanks for sharing a link to your blog. I've added you onto the list and looking forward to following along on your adventres!

  13. Thank you so much for adding us to the list!

  14. Would you add my blog to your list?
    thank you.

    1. Hi Rik - I had you listed under Building a Pathfinder originally, but now I've changed it to Sailing Vanessa :-)

  15. Thanks so much for listing us. Wowzers there are so many blogs out there and I bet this is just a small handful really. All these blogs mean all those people writing them that have some awesome memories to read back on later in life. Great post.

    1. Happy to have you guys on board - your blog is really interesting and I love the fact that you split your travels between your boat and camper van.

  16. This is a great list, thanks so much!
    Feel free to add us: http://www.aroundncircles.com

    -Matt & Michelle on s/v Giro

    1. Thanks for popping by - have added you onto the list :-)

  17. Hi, great blog,great list of potential reading.
    Www.poormanssailing.WordPress.com is my feeble attempt!

    1. Hi - I've added you to the list! Given your focus on buying and restoring a boat on a tight budget, I'm sure lots of people will find it of interest. We're all looking for ways to save money given how expensive boats are :-)

  18. Thanks so much for having OurWaterLog.com on your list! I just found you and was surprised we made it! Thank again

  19. Hi Ellen,

    Feel free to add our sailing blog It's Irie (www.itsirie.com)to the list. It documents our eight years of cruising on our 35 foot catamaran, from the beginning to the end, from the US East Coast through the Caribbean to Tahiti in the Pacific.

    1. Sorry Liesbet - I can't believe I missed this comment. I've added you on :-)

  20. "The cynical sailor'! I had to take a look :-)
    What a great blog! I have only just started my blog (www.sailingkoala.co.uk), but seem to end up reading other blogs while searching for maintenance solutions, suppliers and other bits and bobs.
    I should be sailing,

    1. Hi Trevor - thanks for popping by and your email. I've added you to the list. I can completely relate to being "diverted" by other blogs when I should be working on more productive activities :-)

  21. Great list of sailing blogs!!!! Please add dainyrays.blogspot.com to your list for s/v Rainy Days. Also, please correct your listing for Violet Blue to Violet Hour. Thanks!


    1. Thanks for letting me know about Violet Hour - I've updated that and added you to the list :-)

  22. You guys linked to us!! Now we feel like we're grown-up bloggers :) Instead of just having two readers (Wife and I) LOL. Thank you! You guys are awesome!

    1. We're happy to have you on the list! You've got a great blog :-)

  23. WOW I am blown away by how many people have embraced the cruising lifestyle.
    My partner and I are on the countdown before we two will join you all on the water. We have given our notices at work, have been saving......saving.....saving. Looking to sell the house in a month or two then go on the hunt for our new home on the water. I am like a kid at xmas reading everyone's blogs!

    1. You're at such an exciting time in your journey - downsizing, giving your notice and looking for your next home on the water. It's so much fun to read sailing blogs at this stage. If you guys start a sailing blog, let me know and we can add it to the list :-)

  24. Thank you so much for having SailingChiron.com on your list. We've just finished one adventurous chapter and we're on to writing a totally new book!
    I appreciate being included on your blog list!

  25. Wow, what a list! You can also include "Sailing La Vagabond". They are the most popular on YouTube.

    1. I didn't realize the La Vagabond also had a blog. For some reason, I thought they just did vlogging. I'll have to look into it - thanks for flagging up that they blog too.

  26. Interesting article about how these sailors create an income for themselves today - http://royaltyyachts.blogspot.co.za/2017/03/can-i-make-living-from-sailing.html

  27. Wow, this is an awesome list! Would be honoured if you could include us (sailraptor.blogspot.com) too. Thank you! S/V Raptor

  28. Hello! Great post - I'm reading only a few of those so have loads to check out. My blog's ongwen.wordpress.com - 3 and a half years renovation and 1 and a half years sailing on a ferro gaffer from the perspective of someone who knows (or knew, I'm getting there) next to nothing about either. Cheers!

    1. Hi Tricia - thanks for popping by. I've added your blog to the list and look forward to checking it out :-)

  29. Great post, I hadn't found all the blogs you've listed, that's great. Sailing blogs are the best, they are just inspiration to be out on the water. This past spring I started a sailing blog about sailing around the west coast of BC. I'd love it if you'd check out my blog and consider adding it to your list!

    Tara http://www.coastapus.com/

    1. Hi Tara - I've added your blog to the list. It looks like you're a great cook. I showed my hubby the picture of your crab stuffed avocado and now I think he wants me to make it for him :-)

  30. Wow! That's a LOT of sailing blogs. Thanks for the add. I follow some of these but I'll be checking out more! x

    1. There sure are a lot of them out there! Happy to have you on the list :-)

  31. I am a beginner and thankful for such a great list. I will check them out! Thanks.

  32. Great list of blogs, I knew about some of them but not all, I'll be checking these out. Thanks for including my blog on your list. Sailing is such a great sport, it's so awesome to see all the blogs and an interest in sailing! Great post.


  33. Such a nice post on Sailing. I am also beginner here. I will check all list of blogs that you have mentioned in your post. Now I will try to write an blog on Sailing. Thanks once again :)

  34. Always wanted a day out which is full of adventure and fun. It was a great experience traveling to Goa. Thanks to the organizers of the trip. They made my day full of adventure with watersports activities. http://bit.ly/2q6OZB1

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. Hi,

    We have recently started our sailing adventure in the Mediterranean which we are recording in a blog. This is directed at family and friends mostly but we aim to cover practical sailing and admin issues as part of it which may be of interest to others.
    We would be pleased if you include our blog in your list, which is an excellent resource.

    Best wishes



  37. :) Hello Cynical Sailor! I love this list, there's some fantastic content here! If you're still updating this, we'd love for you to list us over at Seattle Sailing as well! Check out our blog and see if you like the content!

  38. I really enjoy your website! I recently started a sailing blog myself, www.adventuresofguppy.com, and I’d love to be added to your list. It is a work in progress, but I hope you enjoy. 💙

  39. Hi there,
    We are a family of 5; 3 daughters (5,6 and 8) and are embarking on a years sailing adventure from Greece to the Caribbean. I am really keen to read blogs which are appropriate to us, ie, young families sailing through the Med and across the Atlantic. I would be very grateful if you I point me in the direction of those bloggers!! Thank you!

  40. We were just searching this morning for a few new sailing blogs. We love hearing about other people’s adventures and how other cruisers go about life. Here’s a link to our blog.

  41. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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  46. This is a great list, looking forward to reading all of the blogs above!

    I have my own small blog covering eastern Lake Ontario aboard a Canadian Sailcraft CS34. Just getting started and making lots of mistakes (learning).


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  48. It's really amazing to going through your experience of Sailing as well as you are also sharing other blog which are really relevant and help newbie's :) good job... really appreciating.. I also love to do the sailing, tried 3 times till yet but will add more numbers surely. My 1st experience with More Watersports, Cyprus which full of fun and thrill.

  49. Thanks for sharing. https://www.sea4you.se/

  50. Awesome list of blogs. I enjoy reading sailing blogs and the experiences. It never gets boring :)


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