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Cruising in the Bahamas | 2019 Season

While our sailboat, Tickety Boo, was on the hard in the boatyard during the 2019 season, we had the opportunity to spend some time on a friend's sailboat in the Abacos.

Weather Windows, Boredom & Conch Shells
Hanging out in at Ginn sur Mer near the West End and waiting for a weather window to cross back to the States.

Drinks and Memories at Miss Emily's Blue Bee Bar
Reminiscing about our previous visits to Green Turtle Cay.

Conch Inn Marina
Pictures from the Conch Inn Marina in Marsh Harbour.

Picture of a sailboat washed up near the West End.

Fishy Russian Roulette
Would you eat the local fish?

Back from the Bahamas!
A very cool memorial plaque about chocolate cake.

Cruising in the Bahamas | 2017 Season

Sailing in the Dark with Awesome Cookies
We make our way across the Gulf Stream from Lake Worth to the Abacos accompanied by some awesome cookies.

What could be better than a sundowner in your cockpit after a day out on the water?

Our Very Own Deserted Island | Cave Cay, Abacos
Enjoying the peace, quiet and solitude of Cave Cay. Along with attacks by noseeums and a shark scare. 

Smokey the Bear's Lair | Bush Fires in the Bahamas
We discovered a new anchorage not on any of the charts and named if Smokey the Bear's Lair due to the bush fires burning nearby.

Wordless Wednesday | Bahamian Blue
You can find the most amazing shades of blue in the Bahamas.

Cooking Aboard Tickety Boo in the Bahamas
A peek into a week in the galley aboard our boat.

Curtain Twitchers in Marsh Harbour | Fun & Games with Anchoring
There's nothing worse than having problems getting the hook to set, especially when there's a whole bunch of curtain twitchers watching.

Indiantown Reunion in Marsh Harbour, Or Stalking People on the VHF
We had drinks and dinner with some people we know from Indiantown Marina, after we stalked them on the VHF.

Wordless Wednesday | Conch Shells
Personally, I find eating conch icky, although I know many people love it.

Tickety Boo, Tickety Boo, Barracuda Bob
Sometimes people roll their eyes when I tell them the name of our sailboat. They roll them even more when I tell them the name of our dingy. 

Where's Frank?! Hiding Bodies on Boats at Hopetown, Abacos
When we were anchored outside of Hopetown, we saw a fellow Moody owner's boat. One problem - he didn't seem to be on it? What happened to Frank?

Wordless Wednesday | Vernon's Grocery Store, Hopetown, Abacos
Vernon's grocery store is a must see if you ever visit Hopetown. Especially if you like key lime pie.

Good Luck, Bad Luck, Coulda-Been-Worse-Luck | Matt Lowe's Cay, Abacos
One of our dinghy davits broke after a ferry sped by and waked our boat. Fortunately, we were at anchor and not on passage in the middle of the night.

Killing Time in Marsh Harbor, Abacos
We spent way too long in Marsh Harbour trying to find a welder to repair our broken dinghy davit.

Fixing Things in Exotic Places
They say cruising is all about fixing things in exotic places. Does Marsh Harbour qualify as exotic?

Sailing in the Dark | Stormy Weather & Bright Lights
Crossing back to Florida from the Bahamas to sort out our broken dinghy davit and having a Coast Guard encounter along the way.

Wordless Wednesday | Boo Boo Hill, Exumas
Checking out signs cruisers leave on Boo Boo Hill.

Wordless Wednesday | Mega-Yachts in the Bahamas
We were surrounded by some really big boats during our time in the Bahamas.

Wordless Wednesday | Sundowners and Scott's Feet in the Bahamas
Is there anything better than sundowners in the cockpit in the Bahamas?

Anchoring at a Ghost Town | Ginn-sur-Mer, Bahamas
We wait out some weather at an abandoned property development in the Abacos.

Wordless Wednesday | Welcome to Staniel Cay
Check out the great mural welcoming you to Staniel Cay and what lurks behind it.

Tickety Boo Speaks | Berry Island, Bahamas
Did you ever wonder what a sailboat would say if it could speak?

Mingling with the Posh Crowd | Highbourne Cay Marina
We found out where the posh people stay when they're in the Bahamas - Highbourne Cay Marina.

Wordless Wednesday | Queen's Dock, Stocking Island
Great place to tie up your dinghy at Stocking Island in Georgetown.

Cooking on Boats | Chana Masala at the Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park
As much as we loved our time in the Bahamas, there was one thing we missed - Indian food. So we had to make our own.

Wandering around at Warderick Wells | Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park
Checking out the sights at Warderick Wells, including Boo Boo Hill.

Close Call at Cambridge Cay | Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park
We had a close call with a sea plane at Cambridge Cay.

Here Piggy, Piggy | Big Major's Spot & Staniel Cay
Doing the touristy thing and visiting the swimming pigs.

The Coolest Laundromat Ever | Black Point
Doing laundry while eating delicious snacks? Yes, please!

Dumpster Diving in George Town
The day we ended up needing to go dumpster diving. It wasn't pretty.

Going for a Walk In Search of Hamburgers & Monuments | Stocking Island
There are lots of great hiking trails on Stocking Island (near George Town).

The Most Amazing Place in the Bahamas | The Hermitage, Cat Island
If you visit just one place in the Bahamas, make sure it's The Hermitage.

Wordless Wednesday | Sailboat Racing at Black Point
Watching the locals race around the anchorage.

From "Holy Crap!" to "Ahh...So Relaxing" In One Day
The time we thought our boat might crash on shore at Cat Island and later that day enjoying a peaceful walk at Little San Salvador Island (aka Half Moon Cay).

Ouch, That Hurts! | Rock Sound, Eleuthera
One of the things you fear when you're out cruising - getting hurt and needing time to recover.
Going for a Walk in Spanish Wells
Trying to get laundry done at Spanish Wells and failing miserably. 

Making Difficult Navigational Decisions by Flipping a Coin
What to do when  you can't decide which way to go? Flip a coin. It will tell you to go via the Abacos.

Thoughts on Hurricanes & Jungle Cruising
We spend our last days in the Bahamas buddy boating with some friends and doing some "jungle cruising".

Captain Ron, Squalls & Support Groups
We encounter a few squalls on our way back to the States which reminds me of the movie Captain Ron

Cruising the Bahamas Season Recap, Pt 1 | Route & Anchorages

Cruising the Bahamas Season Recap, Pt2  | Provisioning, Eating Out & Cooking On Board 

Cruising the Bahamas Season Recap, Pt 3 | Random Bits & Bobs

Shakedown Cruise to the Abacos | May-June 2015

Bahamian Bits & Bobs
Photos and snippets of our shakedown cruise to the Bahamas.

Heading Off To The Bahamas, Annoying Questions & The Importance Of Biceps
We head off from Indiantown, Florida along the Okeechobee Waterway and ICW before anchoring in Lake Worth where we stage ourselves for our crossing to the Bahamas.

Sailing In The Dark & Eating Mediocre Cookies
One of my fears is sailing in the dark. Eating cookies helps. Turns out our Gulf Stream crossing to the Bahamas wasn't too bad after all. I even had cookies leftover. 

The Bahamas Sure Ain't New Zealand
Our first impressions of the Bahamas when we anchored at Mangrove Cay. 

Crazy Cats, Coconut Bread & Coconut Beach
We meet up with some pals and try to clear in at Spanish Cay and then head off to Manjack Cay for some snorkeling. 

Goombay Smash & Clearing In
We finally clear into the Bahamas at Green Turtle Cay, also the home of the delicious Goombay Smash!

Wearing A Toaster On My Head & Disappointing Pigs
During our time at No Name Cay, I ended up wearing a toaster on my head. It seemed like a good idea at the time. We also checked out the pigs who live on the island.

The Clones Of Man O'War Cay

Man O'War Cay has a population of around 300 people, many of whom have the surname of Albury. Is it possible they're clones or is that my overactive imagination again?

Square Mac n'Cheese & A Striped Lighthouse
Ordinarily, I'm not a big fan of mac n'cheese, but I fell in love with the square variety they serve in Hopetown. Delicious! Oh, they also have a pretty neat striped lighthouse there (although it might look better with polka dots).

Stupid Can Openers
Can openers. So essential to life and so disappointing when they break. Ours lost the will to live while we were at Marsh Harbour, so we went in search of a new one.

In Search Of Whales & Other Scary Stuff
If you want to get from the central Abacos to the southern Abacos, then you have to go through the Whale Cay Passage. I was terrified a posse of whales was going to smash out boat into smithereens.

Frank & Pantsy Feeling Sad
It had to happen sooner or later. We said goodbye to our buddy boat at Green Turtle Cay and headed off to Powell Cay.

Boy Racers: Making Our Way to Allans Cay
Why is it when two sailboats are headed in the same direction, it is automatically a race, even if the other boat doesn't know they're racing?

Going For A Walk: Allans-Pensacola Cay
The signing tree is a neat place where cruisers make and leave signs of their boat names as mementos of their time at Allans Cay. Great little walk!

Rotting Our Brains While It Rains
What do you do on a rain day in the Bahamas? Watch TV shows on your portable DVD player until the battery runs out. Then naps are always a good option.

Sailing In The Dark Without Any Cookies
We make our way back to Florida. Thankfully the crossing was uneventful as we had run out of cookies.

Cruising In The Abacos | Recap
Recap of our shakedown cruise in the Abacos - where we anchored, what we loved, what surprised us, the so-so and how the boat held up.

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