21 September 2013

If It's Not One Problem With The Wind, It's Another

Seriously? More America's Cup racing canceled. Yes, again. And why? It's the wind. This whole regatta has been an endless story about the wind - it is either blowing too much, too little or, like today, from the wrong direction. I'm sure there is some cosmic lesson in this for me about learning to be flexible if I want to live the life of a full-time cruiser on a sailboat. The wind is often unpredictable and you can't always be sure where it will take you. In this case, the wind is coming too far from the south to use the race course that has been set up. Both Emirates Team New Zealand and Oracle Team USA would have had to agree to setting up an alternate race course suitable for these winds. They declined, which is fair enough as these final races are so crucial. (Hopefully, just one final race.) The US Coast Guard probably breathed a sigh of relief at their decision as it would have impacted on shipping in the San Francisco Bay. Plus it probably would have been a big hassle.

So we stand at 8-3 with Emirates Team New Zealand needing just one more win to bring the cup back home. Oh well, as the saying goes, "Keep calm and carry on." And that is what New Zealand is going to have to do for one more day.

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