Our Camper

When we're not out sailing, you can find us living and traveling around the States in "Scamper", our 13' Scamp travel trailer. She only has about 65 square feet of living space, so she's definitely cozy for two people living in her full-time, but we love her!

One of the key selling points of Scamp travel trailers is the fact that they are lightweight. That was a key decision point for us as we needed something we could easily tow with our Nissan Pathfinder. We also like the fact that they're made out of fiberglass (like our last sailboat) with only one seam which joins the top and bottom. Scamps (and other fiberglass travel trailers) seem to more durable then some of the other rigs you see out there. As a result, they hold their value well and when a used one comes up on the market, it is quickly snapped up.

If you want to see pictures of the interior and exterior of our Scamp, as well as details about our layout and options, check out this post - Meet Scamper, Our 13' Travel Trailer Home.

We also did a post on our initial thoughts about life in a tiny travel trailer - RV Living | Our Initial Thoughts

You can also check out the Scamp factory website for more details about all of the different Scamp models, layouts and options. They're located in Minnesota and make Scamps to order and sell direct from their factory.

If you're interested in seeing what other Scamp owners (or aspiring owners) have to say, check out the Scamp Owners Forum and the Scamp Travel Trailer Facebook group. 


  1. Just love the Scamps! My toyota matrix can tow 1500lbs total for everyone and thing. These might be too big.

    1. They are pretty awesome! The weight depends on what model and features you get - worth checking with the factory to see what the options are for your tow vehicle.


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