12 July 2013

Just What The World Needs - One More Sailing Blog

Those that know us will know that we are very private people. So the fact that we've started a blog may come as a surprise to them. It surprised me. I went back and forth as to whether we should do this, but in the end it came down to three reasons:

1 - I'm getting old. 

I have gotten to that point where I walk into a room and stand there for 5 minutes desperately trying to remember why I went there in the first place. So unless we write down what we do, I'm pretty sure I won't remember. Where did I leave my glasses again?
2 - My mother wants me to email her more. 

My mom would love to get more emails from me describing what I get up to. This way she can read our blog instead and see what we've been up to. And there will be pictures! We figure this will be a good way to keep our families and friends updated on our adventures and eccentric seamanship.
3 - People like to hear about stupid things people do. 

There are a million sailing blogs out there which are very informative. But my favorite ones are those where people are really honest about the mistakes they've made and where things have gone terribly wrong and yet they can still laugh about it. These blogs make me realize that it is okay to mess things up, that things will break and that things will go terribly wrong but that you can still have fun anyway. If we can amuse others with our adventures through this blog then that will be a bonus. 

So, here we go - another sailing blog is born.

Thanks for stopping by our blog - we love it when people come visit! We're also on Facebook - pop by and say hi! 


  1. Mom tip: Settings -> Posts and Email -> Email posts to -> and she will get all your posts in her inbox - and then she can forward them to all her friends - anyway, this is how it works with my mom - who is 83 and alternately worries, thinks we're crazy, and brags about us to her few email-savvy friends.

  2. Thanks for the tip Jane. I'll get her set up! Your mom sounds like mine. She sent our blog off to her friends, has a picture of our boat on her computer but at the same time would prefer if our boat never left the dock.


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