25 July 2013

Stalking Lin & Larry

Dear Lin & Larry,

I've become a real fan of yours and have been reading your books. They are super informative, full of good humor and honesty and I can see why the two of you are rock stars of the sailing world.

I read in your newsletter that you're living in Auckland during July. You said that you're "going to move into a tiny studio right in the center of Auckland for a month, to savor a completely different life style. There is a large selection of caf├ęs only a block away, great bakeries and a top market within walking distance, a library, and to top it all a big international film festival is coming to town."

I live in central Auckland. I go to all the cafes and bakeries. I go to the market. I go to the library. How come I haven't seen you? I keep looking for you! I assume you mean the French market in Parnell. Have I been going to the wrong one? I even hung out near the sailing book section in the library for a few hours hoping you would turn up. You didn't.

Where are you?

We looked for you last summer when we were out on Kawau Island and we'll be back there again this summer so we'll keep an eye out for you again. We'll be at the Kawau Island Yacht Club having a beer and would love to buy you guys one too. If you could autograph my copy of "The Care and Feeding of a Sailing Crew", I'll buy you as many beers as you want and even throw in an order of hot chips.



PS I promise we're not the scary kind of stalkers you need restraining orders against.

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