14 July 2013

The Original Experiment - Cruising (Not Sailing) in Scotland

In August 2008, we spent a weekend cruising from Oban to Tobermory and back in Scotland. It was long before my first official sailing experiments in the Bay of Islands began. One of Scott's friends very kindly offered to take me out on his Westerly 41. I don't think he normally likes women on his boat and has a strict rule that there can't be more than one at any time (otherwise vicious cat fights with hair pulling and nail scratching might break out), so I felt really chuffed that he would make the offer. Scott had done a bit of sailing with him previously in Scotland and "the Med" so he knew about Scott's dream to brainwash show me how fabulous sailing could be.

The weather wasn't conducive so we never got to put the sails up, but we had a great time motor cruising up to Tobemory. I was very partial to the snacks, meals and cocktails that Scott's friend had on offer (a former hotel owner and chef so he knows what he's doing!), the time spent lounging on the deck and reading books. I was starting to be brainwashed convinced that sailing was the life for me. The fact that I didn't have to do anything (including tying knots - I hate tying knots!) other then eat, drink, read and sleep might have had something to do with it. Tobermory is also lovely harbor and very picturesque to sail into which also helped immensely.

I didn't sail again until the Bay of Islands 2011 adventure, but Scott continued to cruise and race and kept at his cunning plan to brainwash sell me on the cruising lifestyle.

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