15 September 2013

Two More To Go

Emirates Team New Zealand only needs to win two more races to take the America's Cup. It has been a real nail biter the past couple of days with a near capsize yesterday by the Kiwis and with Oracle Team USA taking the first race today. 

I understand that, outside of San Francisco, there hasn't been much news coverage in the States. Which is odd as it is called the America's Cup, it is being raced in America and the defender is an American team. The Super Bowl is quite big here in New Zealand and they don't even play in it, so I'm not quite sure why the premier sailing event in the world wouldn't get more news coverage in the States. But hey, until a year ago when we bought a sailboat, I really wouldn't have paid attention either.

Fingers crossed for Race 11 and Race 12. If you're in the States, tune in on Tuesday to watch. For those of us in New Zealand, through the magic of time travel and the international dateline, we'll actually watch it the next day on Wednesday.

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