10 October 2018

Wordless Wednesday | Adorable New Boat Neighbor

Wordless Wednesday is supposed to be about posting a photo(s) without any words. But, I'm a rule breaker, so here are a few words:

1 - It's always a celebration at the marina when someone splashes their boat after working on it for ages in the boatyard. It's even more of a celebration when she floats.

2 - This adorable tugboat is our new neighbor. I love the little round window on the door.

3 - Her owner calls her Big Tow and his dinghy is fittingly named Little Tow.

What words does this picture(s) bring to your mind when you look at it?

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  1. It makes me think of Gilligan's Island.

  2. Work, lots of work. That's what it reminds me of. They love it and it's all good.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

  3. Big Toot and Little Toot -- remember that children's story? A Little Golden Book, i believe.

    1. Oh, I wonder if that's the book someone else mentioned in their comment. I think I've read that one.

  4. The word that comes to my mind is 'cute'. I like that boat! Be well, my dear.

  5. That boat is adorable. It reminds me of a children's book I read a million years ago, but I can't remember its name.

    1. Hmm...now I'm starting to remember some sort of kids book too.

  6. Oh gosh I love the boat! So cute. It reminded me of a children's book too but like you and Susan I'm totally drawing a blank on the name. Going to bug me now LOL.


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