08 May 2019

Random Pictures From The Conch Inn Marina, Bahamas | Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday is supposed to be about posting a photo(s) without any words. But, I'm a rule breaker, so here are a few words:

1 - When we flew into Marsh Harbour, our friend was staying on his boat at the Conch Inn Marina. These are some of the random pictures Scott took while we were there.

2 - I think I like the bird one the best.

3 - See that fish in the foil? There were a bunch of Boy Scouts at the marina. They had just gotten back from a week-long sailing trip and caught some mackerel. We got some of their extra.

4 - Can you imagine being on a relatively small sailboat for a week with a group of teenage boys? I would think things would start to get smelly pretty quick. Hats off to the adults who went with them.

What words does this picture(s) bring to your mind when you look at it?

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  1. And if any of those boys brought a can of Axe it would've been even worse!
    Nice shots.

  2. I love the bird shot the best too.

    I can't imagine the smelly bodies of teenage boys on a boat for a week.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday, Ellen. ♥

  3. What a beautiful little bird, lovely pictures all.

  4. The bird photo is great! Have a lovely day!

  5. Lovely shot of the bird. The mackerel makes me feel hungry!

  6. The bird shot is especially great.

  7. I love the last shot. In high contrast, it would be dynamic in B&W.

  8. It looks like a nice place to visit, and your last comment made me laugh. When #2 Son was only 11, he made the comment that he wasn't going to shower or use deodorant at a sleepover because he wanted to "knock them over with my man stink!"

  9. Mmmmm, fresh fish!

    We had a family of six onboard with us for 10 days. Four teenage girls with waist length blond hair, and their parents. Eight onboard was interesting...... thats all I can say. What happens onboard, stays onboard.

  10. That's a great pic of the bird. With that big ol' fresh fish there, I'm surprised there weren't a whole bunch of birds hanging around hoping to get a hand-out.

    Nah! The boys wouldn't be so bad... just have them jump overboard every once in a while... with a bar of soap.

  11. That was nice of them to share the extra fish. Beautiful pictures.

  12. I wonder if my life would have been different if I had gone sailing as a scout. I probably would have hated it. I remember when I went camping with the girl scouts I really didn't like the outhouse and held it all weekend once - a marine toilet might be a step up, but honestly I never liked doing my business in that little room on our boat either.

    So many lines, halyards, life lines, stanchions, masts, shrouds, and stays - what an amazing mess of organization!


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