28 August 2019

Wordless Wednesday | Hurricane Prep

Wordless Wednesday is supposed to be about posting a photo(s) without any words. But, I'm a rule breaker, so here are a few words:
1 - It's that time of year again when hurricane season is in full swing in Florida.

2 - Dorian may or may not impact us. Too early to tell.

3 - This year, we're "on the hard" in the workyard at Indiantown Marina. Prepping our boat for a potential hurricane this time around is a lot easier than when we were in the water. The boat is already stripped (canvas and sails are down and there isn't anything on deck), and we don't have to worry about getting fenders, lines, chafe protection etc. sorted. Just some things to secure on the ground and tying our boat down with hurricane straps.

4 - It's all bringing back memories of the last major event we had to deal with - Hurricane Irma.

What words does this picture(s) bring to your mind when you look at it? 
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  1. Yep, we're keeping an eye on it, too. We'll probably get something from it, but shouldn't hit us as hard. Stay safe and take care!

  2. What words does it bring to mind? Don't live in the path of hurricanes. Okay, we have earthquakes here.

    I hope this veers off soon. You never know.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

  3. One benefit of being landlocked is not worrying about hurricanes, although the rain from Hurricane Ivan years ago brought us some horrible flooding when it reached us.

  4. Prayers it turns and just heads back out to sea!

  5. Be safe! And that post before cracked me up. You have such a gift for humor.

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