14 August 2019

Wordless Wednesday | Empty Seats

Wordless Wednesday is supposed to be about posting a photo(s) without any words. But, I'm a rule breaker, so here are a few words:
1 - At the beginning of August, we went to see the Minnesota Twins play the Marlins in Miami.

2 - There was hardly anyone there.

3 - The Twins lost. Boo.

What words does this picture(s) bring to your mind when you look at it? 
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  1. Things in the sports world is a lot different than it used to be. I wonder why. People seem to be losing interest.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday, Ellen. ♥

  2. That's what they get for charging so much for tickets.

  3. We are Pirates fans and the seats look the same most weeks here too. I love to go, but Alex is right- it's too expensive.

  4. Well, I guess if the ball went wild, there'd be plenty of seats to duck behind! :)

  5. Looks like a night at the Carolina Mudcats. Although we usually go to see the Down East Wood Ducks play at historic Granger Stadium instead. (Go, Woodies!)

  6. Sometimes i am sure the crowd is bigger, but it gets to be so expensive that many just do not go any more.

  7. I think ... That sure is a lot of blue plastic. I've been thinking about plastic a lot lately and ways to reduce plastic in my life. It seems like I use so much plastic until I go into someone's home and see all the plastic stuff - so much plastic. When you start noticing and thinking about it it is a little overwhelming.

    Sorry the Twins lost. How disappointing there wasn't much people watching either.


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