12 August 2019

Random Thoughts About Sweat & Biking In Florida

We went biking on the El Rio bike trail in Boca Raton yesterday. Three things ran through my head while I was pedaling away:

1 - There sure are a lot of lizards in Florida.

2 - Lizards are lucky because they don't sweat.

3 - Sweat above your upper lip is truly annoying.

Yes, I thought a lot about all things sweat-related. Probably because it was a gazillion degrees outside in the shade. It was even hotter in the sun, but I have no idea what number is bigger than a gazillion, so we'll just say it was a gazillion plus degrees.

Now that I'm back inside next to the air conditioning, here's what I want to know - do good things come to those who sweat? At first, I thought the sweating was good. I was shedding calories left and right. I could see them flying off my body as I wiped sweat off of my face.

Then I had a refreshing can of soda pop, which I wouldn't have had if I hadn't been dying from the heat. The calories giggled as they flowed down my throat encased in fizzy cola-flavored carbonated bubbles. "We're back!" they said gleefully.

Here's another question about sweat for you - can you drown in your own sweat?

It sure felt like it yesterday, especially with all that sweat under my upper lip. Does that kind of sweat have it's own name, like "lip sweat"? If it doesn't, it should. But maybe something cuter than "lip sweat."

Maybe it's all about perception when it comes to sweat. Maybe I don't even sweat at all. Maybe I sparkle. Yep, that's it. I sparkle. At least that's what I going to tell myself on our next bike ride.

What about you - do you sweat or do you sparkle? Any idea what the sweat over your upper lip is called? Do you exercise in the sweltering heat?

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  1. I feel like I'm drowning in my own sweat when I work in the yard. It's definitely not sparkles. More like I fell into a pool. A really hot pool.

  2. I had Mexican food last night and the peppers made my nose sweat. It was weird.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Ellen. ♥

  3. I love all of the little lizards in Florida. We have a few here, but last time we visited, it was a treat to see them everywhere. Even if they don't sweat.

  4. I can't believe you ventured out in that heat. I think it will be the same in Dallas this weekend when I go visit my in-laws.

  5. When Margaret informed Dennis the Menace that horses sweat, men perspire, and women glow, he told her she was glowing like a horse. Me, i glow like a horse!

  6. Yikes, this has been the hottest summer in Florida since I moved here in 2011. First time I have experience hot mornings and evenings. I love the fact you could always count on am and pm to pleasant here, but not so much this year.

    I see all those bikers all over the place especially in Leesburg. Just occurred to me though you may mean bicycle not motorcycle bike which is what I think of here in FL when you say bike as they are everywhere. ROFL @ self

    I hate sweating. Again first year I have not wanted to get out in it since we moved. Still it is still not Texas hot by a long shot.

  7. I missed the fact the first time you said peddling... ROFLASEPC

  8. Well, if I've been "sparkling" instead of sweating, I sure am one glittery gal! It's been bloody hot here, too. Our treadmill is located in our sun room, which gets pretty toasty in the middle of the day, so I exercise in the early morning, before it's too unbearable out there. My hubby usually does it in the heat of the day, so I reckon he's more sparkly than I am.

  9. You know it's hot if you start sweating the moment you walk outside. If I exercise (and that's a big "if" lately) outside in the summer, it's as early as possible. Otherwise, I stick to inside.

  10. I guess a sweatband for your upper lip would look a little silly as well as being sort of impracticable. My upper lip doesn't really sweat that much but of course I don't go biking in Florida in the middle of the summer either.

    It has been pretty blistering hot here in Atlanta but I pretty much just stay inside in the afternoon with "my" cat.

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