02 September 2019

Nothing To See Here

I've got nothing for you today because there's been too much going on with hurricane prep, hurricane stress eating, and hurricane conversations around the marina.

At the time of writing (Sunday afternoon), things are up in the air as to what Hurricane Dorian will do. We're still in the cone of uncertainty and are keeping a close eye on things. Hopefully, he turns northward and stays well off-shore. But even if he does, the winds and rains may be pretty damaging here resulting in us losing power and internet.

In the meantime, we wait.


  1. I was wondering about you when I listened to the news. Hope you are ok and stay ok!

  2. That sign is so true!! Waiting for a huge turtle.
    Praying it shifts farther out to sea for all of us. Darn hurricane - four days ago, only one pattern showed it coming up to the Carolinas and darned if that wasn't the path it chose!

  3. My prayer is it heads back out to sea and breaks up in the North Atlantic, doing as little damage as possible along the way. Stalked by a turtle is the best descriptor i've heard yet.

  4. Prayers for all that many be affected by Dorian.

    Have a safe and happy week, my friend. ♥

  5. Stay Safe. Our area was downgraded to Tropical Storm Warning today. Those poor people in the Bahamas though I sending them prayers. You take care there on the coast.

  6. Be safe!!! That sign comparing the wait for a hurricane to being stalked by a turtle is funny... and oh so true.

  7. I just looked at the news, and it appears to be staying away so far. I hope it doesn't change its mind. Stay safe!!!

  8. We lucked out over here, but still sending good thoughts and prayers in your direction.... Take care!

  9. But turtles are cute and sweet! ~grin~ Be safe, my dears.

  10. Hope you stay safe and that your preparations turn out to be unnecessary.

  11. Hope you & your family are safe. See you next month.

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