04 March 2015

We’ve Become Scamper Stalkers {Collier-Seminole State Park, Florida}

One of the things we enjoy is going for a stroll around our campground in the evening. It sounds innocent, doesn’t it? Two people walking around as the sun sets, saying hi to the neighbors, stopping to pet dogs and dodging the kids on their bikes. Except it isn’t really innocent. Let’s face it, we’re just two nosy people out to check everyone else out. Do they have an RV or are they in a tent (tenters seem to be a vanishing breed), what state are they from (is anyone from as far away as we are), what kind of lawn chairs do they have (we’re coveting those recliner ones that everyone except us seems to have), what are they grilling for dinner (love the smell of meat on the grill – hard to believe I was a vegetarian once upon a time) and more importantly do they have a Scamp like us.

When we were at Collier-Seminole State Park in southwestern Florida, we saw a Scamp fifth wheel on our evening stroll. Sadly, the owners were away in their vehicle. Which was good in a way, because we got to just stand there staring at their Scamp taking it all in. We have the smallest Scamp you can have – the 13’ travel trailer model. The fifth wheel looks positively enormous in comparison. It basically looks like the Scamp 16’ travel trailer model with another section added on. I really wanted to get a peek inside of it. You’ll be glad to know that, although we’re nosy, we don’t break and enter into other people’s RVs. Instead, we just finished our circuit around the campground and then Scott grilled up something tasty for dinner.

The next night, we went for another stroll. This time the owners of the 5th wheel were back. Their vehicle was parked on their site but no one was outside and the door to their Scamp was firmly shut. What’s the point in stalking folks if they’re never around to talk to them? We tried again the next night, but same thing. Sadly, our Scamper stalking came to an end the next day when they left. I assuming they were off to their next destination. Or is it possible, they heard that some crazy folks were stalking them and they took off as fast as they could?

Although we’re stalkers, we do have some standards and ethics, so we never did take a picture of their Scamp. And we’re such bad parents, that we completely forgot to take a picture of our own little Scamper. She’s just a baby (only two months old) and we try to document each new place she’s camped at. I can’t believe we forgot. For some reason, we have a picture of this little lizard, but not of Scamper.

Collier Seminole Lizard

And we have this picture of a boardwalk on the nature trail at the park, but again not a single one of Scamper. 

Collier Seminole Boardwalk

And this picture of us canoeing in the mangroves, but that’s about it. For some reason, that’s all the pictures we took at Collier-Seminole State Park. 

Canoing Collier Seminole3

Have you been to Collier-Seminole State Park? If so, did you take any pictures? And more importantly, were you the folks with the Scamp fifth wheel there? If so, don’t be alarmed. We’re not those scary kind of stalkers you need restraining orders against.

We became Scamper stalkers at Collier-Seminole State Park on 8-12 February 2015.

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  1. We walk around the campgrounds too..stalking fellow cougar owners!!

  2. Hey, it must be something we RVers just do....walk campgrounds stalking other campers!! It's a ton of fun!!
    I love your pictures of Scamper so shame on you for leaving the little guy out!! :-) Maybe next time!! We saw a Scamp fifth wheel at the Green Eggs and Ham rally last year (Gunter Hill COE park) and actually got to go inside. Nice!!
    Love the pic of you all canoeing the mangroves!!

    1. Not to worry, we're back to being good parents and taking pictures of Scamper regularly!

  3. We do the same thing - walk around the campground, usually in the evening. Oh yeah, we also stalk other fiberglass owners. We started out with a Scamp 13 and "graduated" to a Casita 17. We have fond memories of our time in our little Scamp. My brother-in-law is enjoying it now.

    1. We checked out someone's Casita 17 the other day - looked really nice and spacious.


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