06 March 2015

Boats & Traffic Nightmares In Naples, Florida

Wow, are there ever a lot of people in Florida. And when you have a lot of people, you have a lot of cars. And when you have a lot of cars, you have a lot of crazy drivers and traffic nightmares. We really enjoy going for drives and checking things out, but lately in Florida all of the traffic has just been getting to be too much. Add in what Scott sarcastically calls “perfectly timed lights” (the ones that turn red each time you approach them) and you have a recipe for frustration and the need for an ibuprofen or two. Maybe we’re getting too old for this kind of nonsense. I’m starting to feel nostalgic for our time in North Dakota where the roads are much quieter. 

One of the days that we were at Collier-Seminole State Park, we decided to explore the Naples area. The traffic wasn’t great, but it wasn’t all that bad considering and we managed to find a parking spot easy-peasy near the city docks. This part of our outing was great. Lots and lots of boats to look at. Naples has a really nice bay – one of those places we would love to get back to on our next sailboat. We went for a walk around town, looked at all of the chi-chi houses, cafes and shops and then headed back to the car. 

We had grand plans to check our Sanibel Island and Cape Coral. The traffic had other plans for us. After sitting in traffic jam after traffic jam, we gave up and headed back to the campground after making our usual stop at Walmart to get groceries. Where there were too many people and too many shopping carts and traffic jams in the aisles. Oh well, at least we got to see the boats of Naples.

Naples City Dock 2
Naples City Dock Sign
Naples City Dock
Naples Playground
Naples Tin City

We got tired of all of the traffic in Naples on 10 February 2015.

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  1. Last time we were in Florida was back in March of 2010 and that's when we said never again! There are so many beautiful places there but the huge amount of people and all that traffic just turned us right off of Florida, which is a shame really. Hope you had fun looking for a boat.


    1. I know - there have been times that the traffic has been so bad that we've been tempted to keep on driving right on out of Florida. But then we see a beautiful sunset and we somehow forget all about the traffic nightmares.

  2. Traffic is a bummer on vacation. You wind up feeling likes you are waiting for the fun and relaxation to start. The playground looks nice, though!

    1. The playground was so adorable! I wish we had places like that when I was growing up!


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