23 March 2015

Chit-Chat At The Dump Station

We get people commenting all the time about how adorable our 13' Scamp travel trailer is and with good reason - she's cute as can be! We're always happy to chat with people and give them a little tour, even when we're at the dump station.

For those of you who don't know what a dump station is, count your lucky stars. It is the grossest part about living in an RV. You know the saying, "with the good comes the bad"? One of the best things about our Scamp is the fact that it has a toilet. No more midnight runs in the dark to the toilet block for us. That's the good part. The bad part is that what you put in the toilet has to go somewhere - namely into the black water tank. And from time to time, you have to empty your black water tank or things could get really ugly inside your RV. So that's where the dump station comes in - you dump your black water tank into a sewer, along with your relatively more pleasant gray water tank (where the water from your sink, shower etc. goes). It's a gross and icky job. Yuck.

So there we were, getting ready to dump our tanks at the Flamingo campground in the Everglades National Park, when this sweet boy came riding up on his bike and asked us what we were doing. I told him that we were about to dump and that it was really gross and icky and that maybe he didn't want to stick around. He assured me that he had seen grosser things and proceeded to describe a dead duck in his yard which some vultures were picking away at. Admittedly, that's pretty gross, but emptying your black water tank is probably grosser and smells a whole lot worse. I tried explaining this, but he wasn't convinced. So he struck around and watched in fascination. That is until he realized it is gross, told us it smelled and asked if he could check out the inside of our Scamp instead. 

But fascination with pee and poop got the better of him, so he quickly headed back around to see what we were doing when we started to dump the gray water tank. That's when he said to us, "So I guess you [pointing at Scott] do all the driving while you [pointing at me] sit in the car and do nothing." I'm guessing he's heard his dad say this to his mom on more than one occasion. It was cute. And true.

He was also convinced that we had room for a dog in our Scamp. Even his Lab-Great Dane mix. I'm not sure he grasped how small our travel trailer is. 65 square feet is barely enough for the two of us, let alone a dog. What are they teaching in school these days? 

Then two other guys came over to chat and wanted to see the inside of our Scamp. I think they thought it was adorable, but they were big, manly guys so they didn't use words like "adorable" and "cute". I'm pretty sure they were thinking it though. They watched us dump for a while and told us about the Robin William's movie about RVers and a scene where the dumping didn't go all that well (I'll leave that to your imagination). Then they told us that there was a NASA rocket launch scheduled soon that we should check out. 

I love tips like this - we've now made plans to make our way up to the Space Cape to watch the rocket launch. Of course, we'll have to dump again before we head up there. Yuck.

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  1. We watched a satellite launch quite a few years ago at Cape Canaveral...neat stuff, and not to be missed!


    1. We're going to head up to Titusville this week to watch one of the rocket launches - very excited to see it!

  2. Sounds like a cute kid but shouldn't he know better than to talk to strangers? Sounds like you meet a lot of nice people.

    1. That's one of the best parts of traveling. You meet so many nice and interesting people.


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