10 November 2014

Seduced By Tiny Campers

While we were driving down Hwy 101 on the Oregon Coast the other day, we saw a vehicle from Alaska towing a tiny camper. Something like this one.

MPG Camper

Instead of sleeping in a tent in the pouring rain, imagine sleeping inside one of these little beauties. A little bit later in the day, we ran into the guy towing the camper from Alaska and got a sneak peek inside. A tiny kitchenette to make your coffee in, a dinette to sit and drink your coffee in and a bed to sleep on (rather than a sleeping bag on the ground). It reminded me of living on our tiny sailboat. Oh, how I wanted one! 

People always say the universe listens to what you put out there. It must of heard me say, "I want a tiny camper. NOW!!" Because next thing you know, we drove right past a tiny camper dealership in Brookings, Oregon. Okay, they sell far more than tiny campers, but all I saw where we were driving past were adorable, tiny campers. Like this one.

Their lot was chock full of R-pod travel trailers just sitting there, ready to seduce you into taking one home on the back of your vehicle. Take a look at their website. I'm not greedy, I just want the basic RP-171 model. With a flat screen TV, microwave and air conditioning of course. 

Sadly, the Universe takes you quite literally when you dream out loud. So when I said, "I want a tiny camper, NOW!", I should have said "I want a tiny camper, NOW, that my vehicle is capable of towing cross-country through the mountains." Our 1995 Nissan Pathfinder took one look at the R-pod camper and said, "You're dreaming if you think I have the towing capacity to tow this, plus all your stuff and water. Hah! It's never going to happen! Learn to love your tent and sleeping bag because that's all I'm ever going to tow!" All said with some sort of evil, creepy voice because our Pathfinder has really been getting into the spirit of Halloween lately. 

And on a semi-related note, has Halloween always been such a big thing in the States? It is the first time in over 12 years since I've been in the States for Halloween and everyone seems to be really, really getting into the spirit of things. It almost seems like decorating your house for Halloween is almost as important as decorating your house for the holidays. Watch out Santa, the Great Pumpkin is coming for you.

I think instead of writing a Dear Santa letter this year, I'm going to write a Dear Great Pumpkin letter. There is only one thing I want this year, Dear Great Pumpkin, and that's a tiny camper. Pretty please...

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