14 November 2014

Polar Bear Spotting In The Desert

I'm not sure if you remember our post about the importance of having a polar bear defense system if you're going to sail in Alaska? (Click here if you need a reminder.) Well, it turns out that you have to be careful of polar bears even when you're in the desert. We recently spotted some vicious polar bears at the Mojave National Preserve, Death Valley National Park and Zion National Park. Don't believe me? Here's proof...

Polar bears spotted in the Golden Canyon in Death Valley

Polar bears spotted in the Mojave Desert near the Cinder Cone Lava Beds

Polar bears spotted at Scout's Lookout, Zion National Park


  1. I really enjoy bear watching, but only from the water. I can't imagine how terrifying it would be to encounter them on land -- and Polar Bears, no less! I'm glad you had your bear spray with you!

    1. Fortunately, we didn't have to use the bear spray on the polar bears. They kept a respectful distance and didn't try to eat any of our food, which is more than I can say for those pesky black bears :-)

  2. Do you know which shop in NZ sells bear spray? :) Your posts have me worried there could be some here too! Did you ever spot any or was it just Moas you spotted?

    1. Fortunately, NZ is bear free. You can rest easy :-) Moas are so shy that one rarely sees them in NZ, but they're out there. Trust me - I've see them!


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