03 November 2014

And The Craziness Begins {The Samuel Boardman Corridor, Oregon Coast}

Yep, we loaded up our vehicle with camping stuff and enough food to last us a week or two (including the all important batch of freshly made chocolate chip cookies thanks to my sister) and headed off from Portland down Hwy 101 to the Redwoods. The craziness had begun - an epic road trip from Portland, Oregon to Ray, North Dakota. Sorry, I just had to throw the word "epic" in there. Perhaps the trendiest word out there these days, at least in the English language. I like to feel younger by using trendy and hip words from time to time. 

It was the usual sort of drive one does down the Oregon coast until we got to the Samuel H Boardman scenic corridor. Huffington Post describes it as the most beautiful place you've never heard of.  Of course, I think they use that headline all the time and just substitute different place names. It is kind of like those titles that start with "7 Ways to {fill in the blank}" and "5 Sure Fire Methods to {fill in the blank}". But now that I've had a look at Mr Boardman's personal stretch of the Oregon coast, I think they may be right. For example, look at this.

The corridor is 12 mile long and runs along Hwy 101. You can see some amazing vistas by just parking your car and popping out to take in the views. Like at Arch Rock.

But you'll see so much more if you take the time to go for a walk along some of the 27 mile long stretch Oregon Coast trail which weaves through the corridor. It was a bit too long for us to manage in one morning, but we did do part of the trail from Arch Rock to Natural Bridges. Amazing. Stunning. Epic. All the usual adjectives apply.

Go for a drive. Go for a walk. Just go and see one of the most beautiful places you've never heard of.

18-19 October 2014


  1. I'm going to have to add that one to the "Must-See" list!

    1. And it is relatively close to where you guys are - time for a road trip perhaps?

  2. We have always loved traveling the upper west coast. Every corner has a wow waiting around it.

    Mark and Cindy
    s/v Cream Puff

    1. Since we've been doing this road trip, I have been having a million "wow" moments. This really is a beautiful country!


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