27 August 2018

What Will Sailing Be Like In 100 Years?


Do you ever wonder what life will be like 100 years from now? Or do you want to know more about what happened 100 years ago? If someone offered you a ride in their time machine, would you go forward or back in time?

These are the types of questions I ask myself over my morning coffee. I also ask myself why anyone would have a peanut butter sandwich without jam. Then my mind works its way back to wondering what life will be like in the future and, on this particular morning, what sailing will be like.

People have used the wind to power their boats since the dawn of time. Sure technology has played a role in modern sailing, but the basic principle is the same - take a piece of fabric, hold it up, and let the wind push it.

It's kind of neat to think that at its core sailing probably won't change that much over time, but the experience of sailing might. Will there be more people out on the water, either voluntarily embracing a nomadic lifestyle or because they were forced to abandon life on land due to economic and other pressures? What will the oceans look like from an environmental perspective? Will the kraken get tired of all of our boats and take back the sea?

What do you think life will be like in 100 years? What do you think will change? What do you think won't?

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  1. I don't think sailing will change much. Will people be flying more? Will they live in airships or on Mars? Will everyone be in a tiny house because there's just too many people...?

  2. Loved boating ~ would hope the oceans will not wipe out the land ~ things will change that is certain ~

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores

  3. I'm thinking sailing will still be around but the boats will be more high tech. Everything will be more high tech.

    Have a fabulous day and week. ♥

  4. I reckon diesel engines will be long gone, but there'll be some new technology to replace them perhaps electric engines that have their power generated from natural resources. Sails could be made from solar fabric so they make power when they're up. There'll very likely be more ocean to sail unfortunately with sea level rises wiping out lower lying nations. And hopefully everyone will have learnt how to anchor properly by then and how to be kind to others boaters :-)

  5. I want to see a krakken (from a distance). ~grin~ SO is sad that space travel and flying cars didn't evolve as he hoped. Happy Sailing!

  6. Billions of climate collapse refugees will cause the collapse of our global civilisation by late this century to early next. If anyone doubts this just look at the consequences of the minuscule trickles of displaced persons into Europe & North America in the past decade. We don't even have a sniff of the global resilience that would be required to withstand this. There will probably be one or a series of nuclear wars.

    These events will probably not end humans. And they will have almost the opposite effect on sailing Almost all the high-tech we use depends on the extractive capacity and economies of scale of a global civilisation (there can be no IC's without dozens of functioning wealthy countries). The loss of these will make sailing more important, but it will rely on simple technologies that can be mastered by regional groups: wood and iron and salvaged materials. Navigation will be manual of course.

    Rising sea levels will outdate existing surveys and charts, and the civilisational collapse will it impossible to systematically survey on a world scale. Each region will survey its own coasts, and charts will be highly prized.

    Most sailing will be commercial. If there's any cruising at all it will be the domain of the very wealthy, likely warlords. Life will be too tough for it to be even a remote option for the average joe.

  7. My hope is we survive and thrive, and that sailing is still just as much fun both for those who live on boats or make their livelihood that way, and for those of us who just enjoy paying someone to take us on a boat ride once in a while.

  8. Interesting question as sailing has existed for so long. Unlikely to go but change to fit the new challenges. Along with airships, I suspect.

  9. I hope humanity wises up to avert the dire circumstance your anonymous commenter describes. I want to believe we'll mature as a species and will learn to take better care of our planet and each other. Sailing? I think people will always be drawn to the water, so I think people will still be sailing a hundred years from now.

  10. I hope we do witness some changes! But I doubt it as sailing has been around forever!

  11. I think it will definitely will be more hi-tech. There will be lasers and tractor beams to help in the boat yard. Pass a laser at your bottom paint - sanded! Pass another laser - painted! Need to go to the top of the mast - go up on the pressor beam and come back down on the tractor beam!! Of course we won't be using fossil fuels any more and boat will be out fitted with solar panels and wind gens to run not only the engine and fridge and the high tech nav equipment, but the constant live Youtube stream of ever single aspect of every sailor's life. This will be the retirees.

    The younger generation will all be buying old 20th century boats for mere dollars from the middle age generation who have realized that they can't afford the upkeep on them and that they are having a hard time keeping up perfect bodies for the constant Youtube stream. These kids will lose the boat engine and eschew any sort of technology, navigating by the stars and being propelled by the wind. They will form flotilla tribes and completely fall off the grid, with absolutely no digital presence at all, occupying desolate sunken harbors not yet rebuilt from the destruction of rising sea levels.

  12. I just hope and pray that sailing doesn't devolve into American Cup like boats... but there was an article I read recently, it may have even been in the WSJ, about supertakers using high tech sailing (rotating cylinders) that decreases their fuel use by 7-10%... Lately I've been looking at boats, I've been wondering a sloop or ketch?


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