24 August 2018

An Assortment Of Oddities | Magazines, Whale Readers & Feeling Frumpy

I've got a random assortment of oddities to share with you today cause it's feeling like one of those kinds of days.

Let's start off with magazines. As part of my Amazon Prime membership, I have access to a number of free digital magazines. Although they can be fun to leaf through, I rarely buy print magazines anymore - they're so expensive for what you get. So sometimes I download a woman's magazine full of tips about how to keep your house clutter-free, despite the fact that I don't have a house or own many possessions. Other times, it's a food magazine full of gorgeous looking photos of exotic dishes that I drool over while I'm eating a PB&J, but which I'm never going to make.

Lately, I've been having a closer look at what's on offer. There's a magazine for pretty much any interest or hobby you might have or lifestyle you aspire to lead.

"Enjoy page after page of stunning photos of snakes, lizards, turtles, frogs and more in REPTILES!"

"Lost Treasure is the NUMBER ONE selling treasure magazine in the world...help make your next treasure hunt more successful whether you're hunting for lost coins or sunken treasure."

I skipped Lost Treasure, but I did download Reptiles. After all, a small family of lizards has taken up residence in my cockpit. Maybe I'll pick up tips on reptilian home decor to share with them.

Next up, >>whale readers<<. I've heard people use this term to describe voracious readers. You know, the folks who read a lot of books, sometimes even one or two a day. There's probably a magazine out there dedicated to whale readers.

I thought I read a lot (74 so far this year), but then I saw a blog post from Amy at Out Chasing Stars. She's read over 260 books in the past year! I love the picture of her reading on her catamaran. Fascinating post on what she likes to read and where she sources her ebooks. {Ebooks are so important when you live on a boat or in an RV - space is at a premium.} She's trying her hand at writing romance. Can't wait to read her book once it's published.

Finally, our Facebook page is looking a little frumpy. I haven't changed the banner image on our Facebook page probably since the day I set it up. My to do list is looking a little boring, so I think I'll procrastinate ticking life's little chores off in favor of looking through old photos and giving Facebook a new look.

What's the last magazine you bought? If you're a reader, how many books do you get through a year? If you have a Facebook page, how often do you update your banner image?

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  1. Sadly, I don't get through that many books in a year, just because of kids and time constraints. I finished an 11 book series this summer, and I'm on book 5 of a YA series with my daughter, and I've done 2 beta reads so far, but that's it. Not an impressive list. Unfortunately, I find every time I read a series I like, my own writing gets put on hold, so for the sake of productivity, I'm not allowing myself any books until I finish my first draft.

  2. What's the last magazine you bought? I can't remember the last time I bought a magazine. Hubby buys them, but I don't. They are expensive.

    If you're a reader, how many books do you get through a year? I haven't a clue as I've never counted them. A lot. Not as many as Amy, but a lot.

    If you have a Facebook page, how often do you update your banner image? I'm more seasonal. So I can't for each season.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, Ellen. ♥

  3. Boy, can I relate to the last part of that title. My hair is a disaster and I feel bloated and gross, plus a little like I'm drowning with allergies. Oh, well. I've spent wayyy more time writing and editing than reading this year. I do receive a bi-monthly magazine for my Kindle Fire called "Birds and Blooms". Guess what that features? ~grin~ Best wishes to you, Amy, and Loni on your projects! Be well!

  4. We get Guideposts, and Sweetie subscribes to a musician's technical journal. That's about it on the magazines for us.

  5. My book count is feeble compared to yours! 29 this year so far.

  6. The last magazine I bought? Not sure, but it was either Scientific America or National Geographic. But books? I usually read 100+ a year. Not sure if that makes me a whale or not, but it keeps me happy.


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