27 October 2017

Flashback Friday | Polar Bear Defense Systems {A Public Service Announcement By My Nieces}


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When I was visiting my family in Portland, Oregon back in 2014, I spent some quality time hanging out with my nieces. Quality time, of course, means building a polar bear defense system out of Lego blocks. 

When I re-read this post, I laughed out loud remembering the fun we had. Then I felt really old when I realized that my then 12-year-old nieces are going turn 16 soon (yes, they're twins). How did they 
get so old? How did I get so old?

{This post was originally published in August 2014. You can find the original post here.}  


Polar bears seem cute, but it is important to keep your distance.

My 12 year old nieces and I were talking the other day about how Scott and I might go sailing in Alaska one day. And of course, if you're going to sail in Alaska, you have to watch out for the polar bears. It is critical that your boat be equipped with a polar bear defense system.

We've done some research and the most effective polar bear defense systems use a catapult to hurl marshmallows onto the ice (also known as a "Marsh-A-Pult"). Polar bears absolutely love marshmallows and the minute they see a marshmallow, they immediately lose interest in you and your sailboat and run off to gobble them down. Ideally, your marshmallows should be pink so that they show up on the snow.

In the interest of public safety, we decided to do a polar bear defense system photo shoot so that everyone is better informed about this important topic.

Preparing for the Photo Shoot

To prepare for the photo shoot, we first had to dye our marshmallows. We couldn't find any pink ones at our local Safeway, so one of my nieces turned our ordinary white ones into really cool looking ones.

First, get yourself some food coloring, some water and marshmallows.

Then mix up your dye and dunk your marshmallows.

Once you're done, you get these really cool looking marshmallows. They almost look tie-died and we think they would appeal to vampires, as well as polar bears.

The final step is to get the set built. We don't have a sound stage, so we used my sister's dining room instead.

Once your set it built, then you're ready to begin the photo shoot!

The Unprepared Crew: Sailing without a Polar Bear Defense System

Here are some folks out sailing in Alaska without a polar bear defense system. Silly people - what were they thinking?

They see some polar bears hanging out on an iceberg and think to themselves, "How cute!!! Let's take some pictures!!!"

Unfortunately, while they were looking for their camera, their boat capsized and the polar bears attacked.

The Coast Guard came out to try to rescue them, but it was too late. If only they had had a polar bear defense system, things would have turned out so differently.

The Prepared Crew: Sailing with a Polar Bear Defense System

This boat is much more prepared. The crew is towing a catapult behind their boat. Smart thinking!

They see the same polar bears hanging out on an iceberg.

But instead of rushing to get their camera, they set up their catapult system with a marshmallow.

The polar bears see the marshmallows and rush off to eat them and the crew is able to make a quick getaway.

My other niece made this amazingly cool video about the "Marsh-A-Pult" polar bear defense system. You should definitely check it out on You Tube.

After the Photo Shoot

If you have a bag of marshmallows left over from your photo shoot, the best thing to do is to turn them into "mice krispies". Yum, yum!

Have you ever had mice krispie treats? What kind of silly things do you / have you done with kids? Would you go sailing in Alaska? Ever seen a polar bear in real life?

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  1. I would love to go sailing in Alaska in the summer! How cool are all those lego pieces!? Makes me want a lego set. Fun post, thanks for the smile!

    1. Legos are so much cooler than the ones I had growing up. I'd like a lego set too :-)

  2. That was incredibly silly but fun! You really went all out with the set design. Better than some movies I've watched.

    1. They did great with the set design - very creative girls.

  3. How fun and mice krispie treats after. I love those. I love the rice krispie treats too.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ☺

    1. The mice krispies were fun to make and fun to eat :-)

  4. This post is a complete hoot. You have got to be the coolest aunt EVER!

    We have 13 grandchildren, and my hubby and I are both, shall we say young at heart, so the number of silly things we've done with the kids could fill a book. :)

    1. I'm guessing you guys are pretty cool grandparents :-)

  5. What very enterprising nieces you have!

  6. I LOVE rice krispie treats, in any form! Yes, (haha) I sail in Alaska, come on up. Yes, I've seen a polar bear. Once, I took my son to Barrow AK, (now known as Utqiaġvik), we jumped out of the taxi to take a photo, at the sign that says, "danger, watch out for polar bears". It was winter, and everything was white, one could have stood next to us, and we wouldn't have seen it.

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