25 November 2015

The Case Of The Disappearing Cat

For someone who doesn't actually own a cat, I've become something of a Crazy Cat Lady here at Indiantown Marina. I kittysit Georgie the Sailing Cat from time to time when her humans are out of town and now Charlie and Jane's cats are spending the day with me while they get their boat cleaned up and ready to move onto. 

It's all a good distraction from the Case of the Slowly Sinking Ship, which remains an unsolved mystery. I'll post another Nancy Drew Investigates update on Friday. Hopefully, I'll have it all figured out by then and we don't have any more bilge pump dramas

In the meantime, I've had to open up a new case file - the Case of the Disappearing Cat. Charlie and Jane have three cats - Evy, Smokey Joe and Sugar. Evy is a sweet little kitty who seems to be the boss of her two brothers. She immediately picked out the prime spot right next to the new pillows I made and settled in for a nap.

Smokey Joe isn't supposed to be up on the counters, but our babysitter always let us break a few rules, like stay up past our bedtime, so I figured Smokey Joe should have some fun too.

This is about all you're going to see of Sugar. Sugar likes to hide. He thinks if he can't see you, then you can't see him. Someone should tell him his feet are sticking out.

Sugar stayed under the chart table for quite a while. Then he came out for some food. I thought heard him go back under the chart table, but couldn't see any feet. He's a huge cat and hard to miss. I looked under the table - no Sugar. I looked everywhere - no Sugar. It's not like this is a huge boat with lots of places to hide. In fact, I had the cats confined to just one cabin so I could keep tabs on them. Still no Sugar.

I was trying to figure out how to explain to Charlie and Jane that one of their cats had disappeared. I wasn't sure that they were going to go for the alien abduction explanation, but it was looking to be the only logical solution to this puzzle.

Fortunately, Sugar has now reappeared. All I can figure is that he was either beamed back down from the spaceship or he managed to find a secret hiding space somewhere between the hull and the chart table. If it was the latter, the good news is that he wasn't wet, so we can rule that area out as the origin of the leak on our boat.

Anyway, everyone here is napping, so I better join them. Indiantown Marina is having a week of Thanksgiving festivities and I just got back from the dinghy races. Now, I have to rest up for the grape stomping competition tonight. I figure even Nancy Drew took a break from her investigations from time to time, so I should do the same.

See you back here on Friday with the latest from the Case of the Slowly Sinking Ship.

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  1. They always find impossible spots to hide in! The cat we borrowed to catch a rat on the boat also went missing a few times, and I found him in cramped places that I didn't think he'd be able to get out of. It was fun having him aboard!

    1. That's neat that you borrowed a cat to catch a rat. I assume the rat was found?

  2. We have some boating friends that have a Maine Coon cats. Big fluffy girl that loves greenies. She's a boat cat and then some. Owns the place. It's good that you're sitting for your boating friends. Cats rock.

    Have a fabulous day and a very happy Thanksgiving. ☺

    1. I love Maine Coon cats - they're gorgeous! Your friends are lucky.


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