20 November 2015

Getting Social With Other Bloggers | List Of Blog Hops

Things are a little chaotic and dull around here just now. Although, now that I think about it, is it possible to have dull chaos? Isn't excitement the very nature of chaos? Hmm...something to explore at some point when I'm looking for a way to procrastinate, rather than work on my project list. 

I'm currently toiling away at some sewing projects, writing my draft novel for NaNoWriMo (I knew it would be hard, but it's really hard), waging war against the Empire of the Evil Cockroaches and removing viruses from my computer (why did I click on that link?). So, it's chaotic, but also a bit dull.

By the way, have you ever noticed that when people write blog posts about their sewing projects, their sewing pictures always looks so artful and inspiring? No one ever really shows you pictures of how messy and untidy things get. I've got scraps of fabric and thread everywhere. You would think those cockroaches could earn their keep by tidying up for me at night. After all, they're up anyway rummaging through all of my stuff - why not be productive and help out? But, no, they're just ungrateful freeloaders who never lift a finger.

See, sewing isn't pretty. You'll notice I've spared you from any pictures of cockroaches. Pretty swell of me, don't you think?

So, instead of boring you with more tales of chaos and dullness, I thought I would talk about blog hops today. I mentioned them in my post earlier this week about what makes Facebook and blog posts popular and Stephanie from S/V Cambria asked for some suggestions on our Facebook page, which inspired today's post.


Blog hops (or link-ups) are like pajama parties for bloggers. No one needs to worry about what they're going to wear or what hostess gift to bring. The introverts don't need to worry about whether they'll know anyone at the party and can stop fretting about making small talk. Everyone joins in from the comfort of their home, RV or boat - they can even be dressed in their PJs. If you do decide to have the second glass or wine or slice of chocolate cake, no one is going to judge you, because they can't see you. This is my kind of party.

Someone hosts the blog hop (often times, there are multiple hosts) and uses a widget such as Linky Tools or InLinkz so that other bloggers can post a link to their blog on the host's site. This allows everyone to check each other's posts out without the embarrassment of wearing those silly "Hello" name tags.

A blog hop will usually have a particular theme - such as travel, photography, arts and crafts, feminism, cooking, weddings, raising a family etc. - which helps you find like-minded bloggers who write about things you have an interest in.

There are usually some rules that you need to follow. You might be asked to link back to the host's site, include a badge on your blog post, comment on a certain number of blog posts, only link to one of your blog posts etc. This seems entirely reasonable to me. It keeps things focused, makes sure everyone plays nicely and ensures folks get introduced and chat with each other through comments.

Blog hops are typically open for a specific period of time and then they close to new entries. They'll often take place on the same day of each week or month. Blog hops come and go - folks get tired of hosting them or they stop blogging themselves. But, just like there are always new blogs to discover, there are always new blog hops to participate in.


If you're interested in checking out blog hops, I've listed some that I'm aware of below. I only participate in a few of them, but I included links to others so that you can get an idea of the diversity that's out there.

Alphabet Photography Project

Stephanie from S/V Cambria flagged this one up. To join in all you have to do is link up a post or photograph. It might be of an object, an adjective or a representation of that week's letter. The project runs weekly with a new letter every Wednesday.


There are lots of Wordless Wednesday blog hops out there (the Alphabet Photography Project listed above is an example of this). The idea is to post an inspiring picture(s) with minimal text. This one is hosted by BeThere2Day.

Comedy Plus

My bloggy pal and fellow boater Sandee hosts a number of blog hops on her site. My favorites are Feline Friday and Awws Monday. Everyone knows I'm a sucker for cute animal pictures.

Insecure Writer's Support Group

The first Wednesday of every month, writers can share posts on their doubts and concerns and get support from others. Experienced writers can offer guidance and tips. It's billed as safe haven for insecure writers of any kind. I participated for the first time earlier this month and found it exactly as advertised - lots of support from like minded folks.

Our World Tuesday

Our World Tuesday is a blog hop where family friendly bloggers can share images of their world and tell a little bit of a story about the place. 

The F-Word

No, it's not what you think. Gordon Ramsay isn't hosting this one. This is a blog hop for folks who want to talk about equality, feminism and women's rights. It takes place on the first Thursday of every month. To be honest, I don't know much about it, but I thought I would throw it in the mix in case it is of interest to anyone.

Travel Tuesday

Every Tuesday, Bonnie Rose at a Compass Rose, hosts a travel blog hop. She usually has co-hosts who manage the blog hop with her and whose posts are featured on the Compass Rose site. It seems to be more of a "younger" travel blogger site with contributions from a lot of American expats, but, despite my wrinkles and gray hair, I participate from time to time. They haven't kicked me out yet.

Wednesday Around the World

Another Wordless Wednesday blog hop, this one is hosted by an American expat photographer in New Zealand.

Weekend Travel Inspiration

This blog hop is hosted by Rhonda from Albom Adventures, along with a number of other travel bloggers. As the name indicates, it takes place each weekend - I think it usually opens on Saturdays. The blogging crowd at Weekend Travel Inspiration seems to be a bit more diverse - more international bloggers, some focused on family travel, wider range of ages etc.


Although not technically a blog hop, The Monkey's Fist is a great resource to find posts from different bloggers on various sailing and cruising topics. It's a wonderful way to discover other sailing blogs, as well as join in the community and share your own blog posts or even be a Topic Coordinator.

What's great about The Monkey's Fist is that it is a permanent resource. If you're interested in a particular topic, you can search on the site. It's a little trickier to find that blog hop that was hosted a couple of months ago where you vaguely remember someone had post on 15 Ways to Convince Ungrateful Cockroaches to Tidy the Place Up which you want to check it out again.

If you're interested in sailing blogs, check it out. And if you're really inspired, get involved and share your own posts.

Do you participate in blog hops? Are there any you would add to the list above? 

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  1. No sewing isn't easy and it's messy. You don't ever want me to try sewing. I flunked home economics in high school. That's how bad I was.

    Thanks for the link to my memes. Most appreciated.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

    1. I didn't think it was possible to flunk home economics :-) I actually enjoy sewing, I just don't like cleaning up the mess :-)

  2. Sewing. Shudder. I can't believe I used to make my daughter's clothes. Much less my own. Also, thank you for not posting any photos of nasty large bugs because I can assure you that as an avid reader I truly appreciate not being made to have a panic attack with my morning cup of coffee. Not a good way to start a day. Also thank you for the blog hop post. Is it a problem that I am starting to rely on you for this kind of information? I need to do something this winter to keep the blogging going and expand myself as a writer. Notice I did not say 'challenge' myself. It's too early in the morning for that.

    1. Anytime someone suggests a challenge to you, run for the hills. It's never going to end well :-)

      Hope the blog hop info was helpful. Try a few out - it's a non-challenging way to get some visibility of your blog with a different sort of audience.

  3. I never even thought about blog hops! I am going to try and do one - that sounds fun!!

  4. Thanks for the shout-out, Ellen . . . as well as the blog hop information AND explanation. Like Melissa said, it sounds like a good way to keep motivated to write over the winter months. Of course, sailing in the Caribbean sounds like a much better way to do that but there's no way I'm sharing my homemade chocolate chip cookies with cockroaches. ;)

    1. Those cockroaches are such greedy fellows. Always taking what isn't their's :-)

      Glad the blog hop info was helpful. I like the one you joined, looks interesting and can't wait to see the rest of your alphabet.

  5. You read my mind ! I was wondering what the heck blog hops were. Like Melissa and Stephanie, I am feeling the need for off-season inspiration (preferably something that doesn't depend on the weather...). And thanks for the reminder of the Monkey's Fist. It doesn't come up in my blog feed so I haven't been visiting as regularly as I should. And like Melissa, I'm becoming dependent on you as the source of all blogosphere information !

    1. Maybe you'd like to coordinate a Monkeys Fist topic over the winter?

    2. Ha ! A collection of "what do you do in the off season?" I'm afraid there would be too much whining involved... (most of it from me !). I'll try to think of something...

  6. Cockroaches. Have you tried Advion? I get it on Amazon (and it's the exact same product exterminators use) and I use it in our rentals. It really, REALLY works.


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