31 August 2015

Utterly & Completly Stumped, Plus Some Advice From A Cat

I have absolutely no idea what to write about on the blog today, which is quite perplexing. I don't usually suffer from writer's block. I'm utterly and completely stumped about what's going on.

I often have two or three weeks worth of blog posts written ahead of time and scheduled to post automatically. There will be certain days where I'll get into a groove and write a whole mess of posts. The words flow and flow and flow. It might not be any good, but the words flow nonetheless

My process is an internal one - I usually have a list of blog topics and "write" posts in my head, often before I drift off to sleep. By the time I get to the computer, they're pretty well formed and I just quickly type them up (which accounts for all the typos!). 

But lately - nothing. Nothing is going on in my head. Obviously, stuff is going on in my head, but nothing worth writing about. It's the kind of stuff that would bore you to tears. Or you might wonder why they don't up my medication. 

You gotta love the internet - any problem you have, the internet has got an answer for. While I was drinking my morning coffee, I asked the internet two questions: (1) what do I do about writer's block and (2) how much do taxidermists get paid. I didn't really find out the answer to question #2, but I spent a good hour going down some fascinating rabbit holes. And of course, along the way I saw a lot of stuffed rabbits. Even one with wings. Bizarre. 

When it came to question #1 about writer's block, I found an article which promised 27 Wacky Ways to Beat Writer's Block. I like wacky, which of course you already know given the fact that I spent a good part of the morning asking the internet about taxidermy. 

Unfortunately, the tips weren't all that wacky. There was one that said you should curse like a sailor. Considering I live on a boat, I thought that was intriguing. I don't usually swear, but I gave it a go. It didn't really work for me. Plus the cat I'm kitty-sitting (Georgie the Sailing Cat) stared at me like I was nuts, so I felt kind of stupid.

Some of the other tips weren't really up my alley - like wash the dishes (boring), stop worrying about grammar (I leave that one to my mother) and drink coffee (I already had a cup in hand when I read that one). Eventually, Georgie said to me, "Enough is enough already! Who cares about your stupid blog! Take me for a walk!" Okay, it sounded more like, "Meow! Meow! Meow!", but I got the hint. 

After our walk (which was more like a let me eat some grass, fall down on the pavement and let you carry me around kind of walk), Georgie told me to just write some rambling nonsense on the blog, hit publish and spend the rest of the day paying attention to her. 

So, I did. Hope you enjoyed the rambling nonsense. If not, here's a couple of pictures of Georgie instead.

Georgie sitting on our boat and checking out what's happening at the marina.
Georgie making herself at home.

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  1. George looks like a real cutie. If you're still stumped for ideas, here's one: you could write about the logistics and considerations of having a cat onboard. My husband and I plan to move onto a boat someday, and it would be cool to know what goes into doing this with a cat. Things like safety, keeping the place so it doesn't smell overwhelmingly of cat, and so on.

    1. She's adorable! I probably don't know enough about having a cat on board as I'm only kitty-sitting for a few days, but I think it would be a great idea of a post. I'm going to suggest it to Georgie's mother. She's got tons of experience with having Georgie on board and I bet lots of other people would be interested in knowing more about having a cat onboard.

  2. I brought a kitten aboard (8wk old) straight from its feral mother. She had a great time. I covered the mast in the cabin for her. She was never off the boat for all the time wee lived aboard. Had a covered litter box in the cockpit. When we docked at a marina that didn't have floating docks she ventured off, and after that I couldn't keep her aboard.

    1. What a great idea to use the mast as a scratching post! Would your cat come back home each night after wandering around?


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