03 August 2015

July In Numbers

Clockwise from upper left corner. 1 - Setting up lights and cameras for the Today show filming. 2 - Bloggy pal rendezvous at JR's Saloon. 3 - 4th of July fireworks at Okeechobee. 4 - Indiantown Marina during the summer. So quiet. 5 - Sylvester the Marina Cat feeling dejected because the Today show didn't want to film him.

It's time for our usual monthly recap in numbers. I spent the past month living aboard our boat, S/V Tickety Boo, by myself at Indiantown Marina in southern Florida. Scott has had to go back to Scotland for a few months to tend to some work projects and other bits and bobs, but he's left me a long list of boat projects to complete while he's gone. I can't say that I got too many ticked off the list during July, but I have found new and creative ways to procrastinate. {Sigh} I probably need to try to be a bit more productive during August. 

  • $572 - Monthly cost of a slip with electric (incl taxes). The price depends upon the length of your boat, ours is 34.5 ft/10.5 m. Sometimes, smaller is better. 
  • $21 - Monthly cost to store our Scamp travel trailer at the marina. Again, the price is based upon length. Scamper is teeny-tiny - only 13 ft/4 m. What can I say, we like living in small spaces.
  • 3 - Number of TV celebrities living at Indiantown Marina. Matt, Jessica and Georgie the cat were filmed for the Today show right next to our boat. I guess that makes our boat a minor celebrity too. It was probably the most excitement that happened during July in Indiantown. Things are sooooo quiet here during the summer
  • 1 - Number of fireworks displays that I saw on the 4th of July at Okee-Tantie Park near Okeechobee. I think this is the first time in 12 years that I've been in the States over the 4th of July. What with the fireworks and the hot dog eating contest, now I remember what I've been missing during all those expat years.
  • $26 - How much I spent on drinks and eating out during July. I went out for dinner with a pal before the 4th of July celebration and then had a bloggy rendezvous with the crews from MJ Sailing and Sailing B&A. I have to say, I'm impressed with myself for keeping the spending down in this category. Of course, all the money I saved has to go someplace and that's into buying stuff for the boat. Sometimes, Tickety Boo is like a whiny teenager. "You just have to get a new sewing machine. I want you to make me pretty cushions and throw pillows! I look so uncool next to the other boats." 
  • $700 - How much is cost to get a new Sailrite industrial sewing machine. I'm feeling a stabbing pain in my gut as I type that number. So much money! It better be worth it. I'll have to write a post one day on how I drank the Koolaid and joined the Sailrite cult. At least the Koolaid was cherry flavored. I hate the grape stuff.
  • 25 cents - How much it costs to print something out in black and white at the Indiantown library. As you can tell, we don't have a printer. Not sure it would be worth investing in one. For the amount of money I spent on a sewing machine, you would think it could also double as a printer.
  • 5 - How many hours Scotland is ahead of Florida.
  • $10 - How much it costs for 1,000 international minutes on my GoPhone plan. Scott and I check in daily. He asks me how the boat projects are going and I change the subject. 
  • 1 - Number of seasons of Boardwalk Empire that I watched. I think one was enough.
  • Tons - How much hair I shed all over the boat. I am constantly finding hair everywhere! It's a wonder I'm not bald. Thankfully, I have a mini shop-vac which I use to vacuum it up with. If only I didn't find so many gray ones.
  • 2 - How old Mr Blog turned during July! He's such a big boy now. Mr Blog loves it when you stop to visit on the blog and on our Facebook page. It makes him so happy - thanks so much for following along with him on our little adventures!
Well, that's it for July. Here's some of our favorite posts from last month in case you missed them:

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We hope you had lots of reasons to smile and celebrate during July and wish you a wonderful August! 

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  1. The key to getting over the cost of the Sailrite: Use. It. Mine paid for itself on my first project (new salon cushions). Seriously. Since then, I've also replaced the sacrificial on the genoa, made a whole new lazy jack bag, cockpit cushions, and so many other things in Sunbrella that it looks like a turquoise bomb went off on Luna Sea.
    If it sits and collects dust, well that is another story. Get in there and get something made. It will make those knots in your stomach re: the cost disappear! :)

    1. I'm in the middle of making some fender covers now. Thought I would start off easy and work my way up. I've got a big list of sewing projects to tackle!


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