09 October 2013

Happy Birthday Mom!

It is my mom's birthday this week and one of the great advantages of having a blog is that you can make sure everyone knows you remembered to wish her Happy Birthday! My mom is one fantastic lady and she has been so supportive of our plans to start sailing full-time and live on our boat. Only problem is that she doesn't like the water and worries a bit about hurricanes and our boat rolling over. She would much prefer if we stayed in a marina so that she can visit us from the dock. I'm sure she'll come around in no time and be out there sailing with us in all sorts of weather by the time her next birthday comes around. In the meantime, Happy Birthday Mom!

Once upon a time before computers, e-mails and blogs, there was this thing called a typewriter
that you could use to write letters with birthday greetings to your mother. My how times have changed.
Via the Graphics Fairy

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