04 October 2013

Going For A Walk: Tamaki Drive In Auckland {Or There Is More To Auckland Than The Sky Tower}

Amid the pohutukawa trees, Tamaki Drive curves along the Waitemata Harbour.
If you want great views of the Waitemata Harbour in Auckland, take a stroll along Tamaki Drive. Starting in downtown Auckland at the ferry terminal at Queens Wharf, walk along Quay Street and watch the container ships being loaded and unloaded at the Port of Auckland. After you pass by the heliport in Mechanics Bay, Quay Street turns into Tamaki Drive which curves along the waterfront all the way to St. Heliers Bay. You can admire the very expensive homes along the way and enjoy the various beaches at Orakei, Mission Bay, Kohimarama and St. Heliers. 

For boaties, you can check out the Auckland Outboard Boating Club (OBC) and boat sheds in Hobson Bay, the Orakei Marina, the Royal Akarana Yacht Club and sailboats moored in Okahu Bay, and the Tamaki Yacht Club and Kohimarama Yacht Club further down the road. If you want to go for a swim, check out the largest salt water pool in New Zealand at the Parnell Baths. You can find public facilities, restaurants and cafes in Mission Bay, Kohimarama and St. Heliers. The walk is a little under 10 kms one way and if one way is enough for you, there are frequent buses along Tamaki Drive back into central Auckland. The best time of year to go is early summer when the pohutukawa trees are in bloom. They have red flowers and because they bloom in December they are known as the Kiwi Christmas tree. 

Check out Tamaki Drive - there really is more to Auckland than just the Sky Tower!

Port of Auckland - A small island nation, New Zealand is an export driven economy and its ports are vital to trade.

The old overpass from Tamaki Drive over the train tracks to the Parnell Baths. It has been replaced this year.

The Parnell Baths - it will cost you $6.30 to use the facilities for the day.

Tamaki Drive is a popular place to sit and enjoy the views of the Waitemata Harbour

The boatsheds in Hobson Bay.

Orakei Marina - there is a great walkway on the Nor-Eastern breakwaters

Boats moored in Okahu Bay. You can see Raingitoto Island behind them. It last erupted about 550 years ago.

Getting ready to race. They start them sailing young in New Zealand on Optimist boats.  

There are all types of boats to be found along Tamaki Drive.


  1. Looks beautiful. I imagine it will be hard to leave after being there for so long!

  2. It is a beautiful city and the people are great which will make it hard to leave. But I'm sure the next place we end up will be just as fabulous. And maybe some day we'll sail back here!


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