22 October 2019

Wordless Wednesday | Snowbirds


Wordless Wednesday is supposed to be about posting a photo(s) without any words. But, I'm a rule breaker, so here are a few words:
1 - Snowbird season is upon us. People are driving down south in their RVs looking to spend the winter in a warmer climate.

2 - It's getting harder to find a parking spot at Walmart these days.

3 - RVs come in all shapes and sizes, just like people.

4 - If you had to describe yourself as an RV/camper, what would you say? Are you more of a travel trailer kind of person? An Airstream? A luxury motohome? A converted van? Or something else?

What words does this picture(s) bring to your mind when you look at it? 

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  1. I'd be the metal party bus.
    Those silver ones are really expensive. We've looked.

  2. The top one looks good to me - probably quite comfortable and full of mod cons but not too horrendous to drive about.

  3. I want a boat, not an RV. Just saying.

    Have a fabulous day, Ellen. ♥

  4. We had a 1969 VW Bus. I learned to drive on that thing.

  5. I'd probably be a pop-up tent. Looks too short and squat to be overly useful, but turn the crank and viola- there's all the basics needed for comfort.

  6. How about a tiny house on wheels, like the kind they show people building on that HGTV channel?

  7. As long as there is room for me, my husband, the tortoises, books and cake, I'm all good. :)

    And oh, yes, the snow birds are back. Sigh.

  8. I love RV-ing. We have a large truck, and camper on top, we pull a 27ft enclosed trailer with toys. We're also original owner 1985 VW poptop Vanagon.

  9. You'd think I'd choose a converted van but actually I'm a smaller version of a Unimog Camper. 4WD and compact. I want to go everywhere. No turning around!

  10. I like tent camping close to home. ~nods~ Travel turned out not to be such a thrill as I'd thought as a young, daydreaming girl. ~sigh~ Happy Writing!

  11. We've been campers (tent). But when retirement comes, we're hoping to get a trailer, sell everything and travel for several years. See if that works out ;)

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