14 October 2019

Eating Our Way Through A (Non-) Hurricane

When Hurricane Dorian was forecast to be on a collision course with Indiantown, we freaked out a little. What do you do when you freak out? Us? We make hotel reservations and skip town.

Fortunately for us, Dorian didn't come within spitting distance of Indiantown. Unfortunately for us, our reservations were non-refundable. So we ended up spending three nights on the Gulf coast of Florida.

To be honest, we were a bit bored. We didn't really want to leave the room, no doubt in part due to the fact that there was a large bed (yay - no need to squeeze two people onto a small boat-size bed) and a bathroom with a shower! and a toilet! attached directly to our room! Yes, when you live on a boat in a boatyard and have to use communal facilities, these little things are like winning the lottery.

It was hot outside and we've seen most of the Gulf coast before during other travels so we ended up watching a lot of TV, taking naps, and pretty much only leaving the room to go in search of food.

Want to see what we ate? Of course you do. Why wouldn't you? This will be the perfect distraction for your Monday morning. Just make sure you eat breakfast first or else you'll end up with some serious hunger pangs.

Isn't this adorable? I might have screamed a little when I saw it and made Scott turn around to go check it out. We actually didn't buy any ice cream. Are you impressed? Are you in awe of our will power? Don't be. They weren't open. We did drive-through McDonalds later for hot fudge sundaes. So all was not lost.

We love Greek food. We rarely get to have Greek food. This makes us sad. So when we saw a Greek restaurant at Fort Meyers Beach, we felt an overwhelming sense of joy. The beer was super cheap too. That helped to our happiness level.

It was pretty cute inside. Almost like we were back in Greece if you ignored the fact that they had American beer on tap.

I could use a manicure. That's what I think when I look at this picture. I also think about how delicious the gyros was.

One night we went out to dinner at the Big Hickory Fishing Nook Marina in Bonita Springs. It was a super cute place.

We barely beat the dinner rush. Turns out it was fish taco night. Very popular with the senior set. I decided to be a contrarian and ordered a cheeseburger instead of fish.

Is there anyone who doesn't like pizza? I don't understand people like that. It's like folks who say they don't like cookies. I'm immediately suspicious of them. We like pizza so much we had it twice at Leoni's in Bonita Springs. Pretty darn tasty. The fact that they give you a free glass or wine or beer doesn't hurt either.

What's your favorite food? When's the last time you ate out? What did you have?

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  1. I would have gotten ice cream at that cute shop. Glad you had a few days of all the things the rest of us take for granted like your own bathroom. And that you weren’t in the hurricane.

  2. I can totally understand relaxing in your room and taking advantage of all the amenities.

    I totally don't understand not liking pizza or cookies. Those are two of my main food groups. :)

  3. I'm glad you had a good mini-vacation!!! I love pizza! And I would totally be contrarian and have a burger and not fish. :)

  4. Oh that pizza looks mighty good. And ice cream is always fine with me.

    What's your favorite food? Italian.

    When's the last time you ate out? Saturday we boated to Giusti's for lunch.

    What did you have? Italian. We both had linguini Alfredo with chicken.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Ellen. ♥

  5. An unexpected vacation! Fun! Mark and I rarely eat out and that hasn’t changed at all since we have Maya, who has separation anxiety, so we can’t leave her alone. That being said, my parents visited us for 2.5 weeks recently and treated us to quite a few lunches and dinner. :-) My favorite food? Thai.

  6. That ice cream shop is adorable. I'd see it as a fun vacation...and it does sound like you had fun. As to the Greek food, I had my first gyros omelet yesterday, and it was pretty yummy.

  7. Sounds like a win-win to me. Dorian didn't kick your butts, and you got a mini-vacation with great food, a big bed, and a private shower!

  8. It sounds like you had a mini luxury vacation, budget style.

  9. It all looks so wonderful. I especially like the free glass of wine or beer with pizza! But during the friends and family tour we have been on we have been eating out waaaay tooo much! I am so glad to get back to a regular diet - all my clothes were getting a bit snug. But what a treat away from Indiantown.

  10. What jerks for not refunding your money. Oh, well, looks like you made the most of it! Be well, my dear.


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