11 March 2019

Writerly To Do Lists & Other Nonsense

I thought about doing one of my "Month in Numbers" posts today, but when I reflected on what had happened during February, I said, "Meh, there's really not much to say."

So instead you get this - one of my writerly To Do lists.

Which do you think was easier - editing Chapter 3 or avoiding making eye contact with bacon?

Here's another one which I posted on Facebook and Twitter. No one seem surprised by the third item on the list.

These basically summarize my life lately - writing, eating crap, and trying to catch up on blogging. While Scott's in the Bahamas (he's back later this week), I've deleted large sections of the first draft of Poisoned by the Pier and have been rewriting like crazy.

It's not been all bad. In between chowing down on oatmeal cranberry cookies (thank you, Aldi!), I've been cracking myself up coming up with chapter titles, like "Extra-Crispy Hash Browns" and "The Science of Legwarmers."

Once Scott is back, fixing our boat and tacking other boat projects is probably going to take center stage, so I better get back to fixing those plot holes and editing those chapters. And I really need to deal with my lackluster blogging efforts - so many comments to respond to, so many blogs to visit, so many posts to write. {Sigh.}

Hah! Who am I kidding? I've got a cold so I'm probably going to eat a few cookies, then take a very long nap and dream about bacon.

What's on your To Do list today?

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  1. Well, oatmeal cranberry cookies sound almost healthy to me, hardly like cookies at all. Now, if you had some sort of bacon cookies . . . :o

    Feel better soon!

  2. We had a sourdough pancake cook off yesterday with friends. We had so much fun, good food, and bacon!

  3. 65 - the number of comments you have made on my blog. This makes you Make Like an Apeman's top commenter - although you are only 2 ahead of Captain Robert so you could lose the lead. But no worries if you haven't been able to read our wandering musings of late - I will tell you how the last adventure ends. We made out of Mexico alive after a 4 hour wait to cross the border and having the van searched - the rest is just a bunch of old churches and stuff - except for the mummies - that's actually on my to do list today, publish the post about the mummies.

    Feel better - don't worry about responding to any of my rambling comments and have a cookie for me.

    1. Ellen's the top commenter of my blog as well, with such a big lead she'll never be overtaken!

  4. I think you had more trouble with the bacon. If it was chocolate you'd have lost before you typed all of it down.

    Have a fabulous day and enjoy the cookies. ♥

  5. At least you are moving through the chapters.

  6. My to do list looks much like yours. Blogging, writing, trying to avoid crap food.

  7. You have permission/amnesty to stop trying to catch up with blogs and just pick up where you are. You probably won't miss anything earth shattering, and everyone gets that there are times when we have to do what we have to do.

    Hope your cold goes away quickly.

  8. No problem. Just close your eyes while stuffing that delectable bacon into your mouth. (A gal's gotta eat, right?) Besides, the protein will give you the energy you need to tackle your manuscript and get rid of that cold. Win-win!

  9. Hope those cookies help with the cold (how couldn't they?) and you gain a little writing energy.

  10. Having that deadline of Scott’s return sure has to keep you going. You have a lot on your plate, Ellen, and I think focusing on the book should be center stage, until the boat takes over. Yes, in our nomadic lives, boats and vans always come first. Oh, and a cookie once in a while, of course. I hope you feel better soon. Maybe you can lounge in bed and use andictating device to work onnyour book.

    Like you, I’m way behind with blogs and reading and commenting. Problem is that the pile only gets bigger, as more days go by... Let’s erase everything and start fresh! :-)

  11. Sounds like you are doing things right – editing and yummy food. :)


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