19 January 2019

Saturday Spotlight | Jinx Schwartz, Author Of The Hetta Coffey Mysteries

In addition to the usual blog posts every Monday and Wednesday about our travel adventures and day-to-day life living aboard a sailboat, I also occasionally post on Saturdays, focusing on things related to writing such as cover reveals, book launches, reviews, interviews with authors etc. So if you're a bit of a book nerd like I am, check in on Saturdays - you never know what might pop up.

Today, I'm featuring an interview with Jinx Schwartz, USA Today bestselling author of the Hetta Coffey Mysteries. I first discovered Jinx and her books through the Women Who Sail Facebook group and quickly fell in love with her main character, Hetta, a sassy woman with a snazzy yacht who isn't afraid to use it.

Jinx has a great sense of humor and her books have me laughing out loud from start to finish. The fact that they have a boating focus is the icing on the cake (and we all know how much I like cake). When I set out to write my own sailing mystery series, Jinx was one of my inspirations and she was incredibly encouraging to me when I was first starting out.

So, without further ado, let's hear what Jinx has to say about writing, cookies, and penguins.

1 - What inspired you to write your books?

Freedom. After dropping out of the rat race to cruise, I suddenly had time to jot down things I wanted to say, et voila, books!

2 - Do you have any writing rituals?

Not really. If I get stuck, I go back to the beginning and start editing and it usually jump starts me again.

3 - What's more important - character or plot?

In my series, I already have Hetta. She's a character, as we say in Texas, and the plot just follows.

4 - What do you like best about being an author? What do you like the least?

I love the creative part, and editing. Just kidding, I hate editing! Oh, and marketing! Love book signings, though.

5 - What's your favorite cookie? If you don't like cookies, what's wrong with you? Oops, sorry scratch that. My follow-up question was meant to be more polite - "Why don't you like cookies?"

I never met a cookie I didn't like!

6 - A penguin walks through your front door wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why did he come visit you?

Donde esta el pez? (Where's the fish?)

7 - What else would you like us to know about you?

I've never been in jail. And I once got drunk with Judy Garland.

Thanks for the interview, Jinx! Anyone who says that they never met a cookie they didn't like is a gal after my own heart. :-)


USA Today Bestselling author, Jinx Schwartz, has written fourteen books, including ten in the Hetta Coffey series. Hetta is a sassy Texan with a snazzy yacht, and she's not afraid to use it! A ninth-generation Texan, Jinx has lived and worked all over the globe, and much like the protagonist in her Hetta Coffey mystery series, she's a woman with a yacht and not afraid to use it!

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You can find Jinx's books on Amazon, including her latest release, book #10 in the Hetta Coffey series - Just for the Birds.

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  1. Plot versus character -- to me that's almost akin to asking if we need air or water more to survive, but i'm not a writer so what do i know?

    Great line for the penguin!

  2. Thank you for the insight into Jinx, I love her books, and can't wait for the next one!

  3. I also never met a cookie I didn't like and so jealous that you got to hang out with Judy Garland. (The books sound awesome too)

    1. I'd love to hear more about her experience with Judy

  4. Terrific interview, ladies! These books sound terrific, too. Thanks for the heads-up on them.


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