14 August 2017

The Coolest Laundromat Ever | Black Point Settlement, Exumas, Bahamas

Note: This blog lags reality by many, many weeks. So while you're reading about our cruising adventures in the Bahamas, in reality we're actually back at Indiantown Marina working on boat projects. Cruising in the Bahamas was much more fun. {Sigh}


Remember that combination laundromat/wholesale liquor store we visited at Staniel Cay? Well, we found an even cooler laundromat at Black Point settlement on Great Guana Cay. It's possibly the coolest laundromat ever.

I know you're dying to know why, so I'll cut to the chase - they serve food! Snacks while you're doing laundry, can you imagine anything better? Except of course someone else doing your laundry for you while you're enjoying a gourmet five-course dinner, but I don't see that happening anytime soon on Tickety Boo.

At first glance it looks like any old laundromat. You know, washers, dryers and a place to fold your clothes. Except if you've been cruising for a while, you'll know that this is a fancy laundromat. The washers and dryers are new and clean. They all work. And there's lots of them. See what I mean, fancy.

The next thing to notice is all of the brightly colored signs on the wall. They say things like "Haircuts - $15," "DVD Movie Rentals - $2 Per Day," "Conch Fritters - $2" and "Patties - Chicken & Beef - $2.50."

Scott's eyes lit up when he saw the conch fritters sign. I think conch fritters are gross (heresy for cruisers in the Bahamas, I know), but my stomach was rumbling and I needed a snack. It's possible I was getting a little grumpy, a known side-effect of walking in the heat without regular feedings. So I took the gamble and ordered a chicken pattie. Such a good gamble. Kind of like a pasty, but with a curry chicken filling.

We went back the next day for more. This time we ate out back at Miss Ida's gazebo. Great views and great food.

One of the things I wish we had on our boat is a watermaker. A washer and dryer would be nice. Unrealistic, but nice. But a watermaker - now that would be heaven. Imagine making your own water whenever you want instead of lugging jerry cans to shore and filling them up with water (sometimes free, sometimes not).

All of the cruising guides and sites talk about easy access to water from a spigot on the government dock. So off we went in search of water. Turns out the spigot was broken.

And so the water procurement adventure began. Because what's life as a cruiser unless you have a little adventure in search of another water spigot? Sure you'll probably get dehydrated walking in the stifling heat in search of water, but fortunately Miss Ida also sells cans of very refreshing root beer for $1.

We heard whisperings about another spigot near the Regatta Point on the other side of town. And another cruiser at the laundromat confirmed its existence. {That laundromat, it's wonderful. Laundry, root beer, snacks and intel on water spigots.}

Off we went, exploring the town along the way.

Some houses have roofs, some don't. Some houses are new and modern, some aren't in such great shape.

Boats are everywhere. And that gorgeous blue water the Bahamas is famous for - that's everywhere too.

We asked the policeman if he knew where a water spigot was. He was polite, nattily dressed and tried to help, but he wasn't sure. I have a feeling he doesn't need to get water from a spigot on the side of a road like we do.

Finally, we made it to Regatta Point, where the settlement stages their annual regatta.

The water spigot is nearby. It's not necessarily easy to find unless you know where to look. Not that I looked. I stayed with the dinghy to keep it off the rocks while Scott lugged the jerry cans to the spigot, filled them up with water and lugged them back. If you've never carried a 5-gallon jerry can full of water, don't. They're heavy.

Have I mentioned how much I appreciate Scott's biceps? I should probably do that more often.


Cruising Log | Monday, 12 June 2017 – Wednesday, 14 June 2017


Anchor up at 9:00 AM. Motorsailed to Black Point. Dolphins! Anchor down at 10:45 AM. Went to Miss Ida's to do laundry and exchange books. Water spigot at government dock broken. Some cruisers from South Africa told us where an alternative spigot was. Nautical miles = 9. Engine = 2 hours. Dinghy racing in the anchorage. Fun to watch. Spending = $8.00 ($3.50 wash and $4.50 conch fritters and hot pattie).


Dropped off some trash. Walked over to cemetery and beach. Dinghied over to Regatta Point to search for water. Filled up two jerry cans. Went back to Miss Ida's for more conch fritters and hot patties. Lots of adorable schoolchildren in cute green uniforms having fritters and patties too. Hung out on the gazebo and chatted with other cruisers. Miss Ida didn't have change and told me to come back later to pay her what we owed her. Very trusting. More dinghy racing. Nautical miles = Nil. Engine = Nil. Spending = $9.00 (conch fritters, hot patties & pop).


Sailed to Little Farmer's Cay. Furling line lead broke. Went to check out cut, but too much current so anchored around point for a few hours. Discovered a whole bunch of maggots in the v-berth. Very gross. Fired up the generator and used the shop-vac to get rid of them. Not sure what they were - flies? Found a suspicious leak on some stuff in lazarette - from the holding tank? Extremely gross. Went back out and scoped out the cut and then anchored for the night on the west side of the island. Nautical miles = 17. Engine = 5 hours. Spending = Nil.

Have you ever used a laundromat or are you one of those lucky people with your own washer/dryer? How far would you walk in search of water? Ever had a hot chicken pattie?

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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. How delightful to find this! I really need to visit the Bahamas. I do like conch fritters, which I enjoyed very much on a visit to Key West far too many years past. ~sigh~ Be well!

    1. It's a great place to visit. Hope you get there one day :-)

  2. Food in a laundromat? I'm not thinking I'd want food from a laundromat. It's different though.

    I do know about water and boats though. We do the same thing when traveling on our boat. The water only lasts so long.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  3. I can't get over the water/view from the gazebo - gorgeous!

    I spent many years - and loads and loads of quarters! - doing laundry in shared washers/dryers in various apartment buildings. The first time I did laundry in my very own, I almost cried. :)

  4. Of course I love, love Black Point and love Ida's for all the reasons you said - but one of my favorite things is standing there in the laundromat and looking out the window and seeing the water and the boats. It makes such a mundane chore so magical. Hope all the boat projects are going well!

    1. After you told us about Miss Ida's, we knew we had to visit there. Everything you said about it was spot on :-)

  5. I happen to love conch fritters. When we were in the Bahamas my son dove for conch and we feasted on them in as many ways as I could imagine them. All good. Now you've made me want conch and there isn't a conch within miles of here. Beautiful pictures. I'm always blown away by the colors of the sea.

    1. That would be pretty neat to have your son diving for conch and making your own fritters.

  6. Beautiful place and what a great laundry. Shame about the trek for the water though.

  7. Wow, sounds like such a beautiful place. I enjoyed all your photos. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I haven't used a laundromat (or laundrette as we quaintly call them here) since I was a student. Spoiled, I know. On the other hand, I don't have the chance to eat on a gazebo with that view.

  9. Looks idyllic.

    People always underestimate the weight of a full Gerry can, but those things are heavy.

    1. They really are heavy, especially with water in them. Diesel is heavy, but not as heavy it seems.

  10. That water is sooooo gorgeous. It reminds me of the water on Oahu when my hubby and I met there for R&R back in the Dark Ages.

    Your question about how far I'd walk for water is a good one. I drink a LOT of water, but ironically, the walk would make me want even more water. I guess I'd walk however far I'd have to walk, but I'm very grateful than I only have to walk as far as our kitchen.

    Can't say that I've ever had to vacuum up maggots. Can't say that I ever want to, either.


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