02 June 2017

May In Numbers

Clockwise from upper left: (1) Tickety Boo back at Indiantown Marina for repairs; (2) Our new water pump; (3) Our friends on Wind Spirit, anchored at Peck Lake; (4) Anchored at Ginn sur Mer in the Abacos waiting out weather; (5) Relaxing over sundowners; (6) Tickety Boo anchored in the Berry Islands.

It's time for our monthly recap by the numbers. We crossed back from the Bahamas at the beginning of the month in order to replace our broken dinghy davit. We ended up spending a lot longer than we hoped back at Indiantown Marina when we discovered that our water pump needed to be replaced. It took a bit of time to source the part, have it delivered and install it. We left Indiantown on May 20th and crossed back to the Bahamas on May 22nd. We hopped our way down from the Abacos, to the Berry Islands, over to the Nassau area and then to the Exuma Islands, where we plan on spending most of June.

Here's some tidbits about how the month went by the numbers:

  • 12 – Number of nights we spent in a slip at Indiantown Marina fixing things and waiting for parts to arrive.
  • $144.45 – Cost of a new water pump for our Thornycroft diesel engine (including shipping and handling). We had to order this from a tractor supply business. Our engine is based on the Mitsubishi K4D block, which is also used in tractors.
  • 5 – Number of tostadas we had during Taco Tuesday at JR’s Saloon in Indiantown. We were joined by the crews of Radio Waves, Wind Spirit and Blue Wing. Fun and yummy.
  • $16.41 – Our average cost per night during May, which we calculate based upon how much we spend on marina slips or mooring balls (anchoring is free). This is up dramatically from April (we anchored every night so our average cost was $0.00) because of the time we spent at Indiantown Marina. Let’s hope we can get it back down during June.
  • 496 – Number of nautical miles covered during May.
  • 4 – Number of areas of the Bahamas we cruised in – Abacos, Berry Islands, Nassau area and the Exuma Islands.
  • 1 – Number of buddy boats we had.
  • 2 – Number of days we had a buddy boat. Unfortunately, the crew of Wind Spirit had to delay their crossing to the Bahamas, so we parted ways in Lake Worth.
  • 6 – Number of days we spent without getting off of our boat after we left Indiantown to head back to the Bahamas. We finally dropped the dinghy and put the outboard motor on at Hoffman’s Cay in the Berry Island.
  • 2 - Number of times we swam at the Blue Hole on Hoffman's Cay. We liked it so much the first time, we went back again the next day. 
  • 14 – Number of sharks hanging out at Highbourne Cay Marina. I asked the fuel dock attendant what kind they were and he told me that I had to jump in, tickle them under their chins until they opened their mouths and then I’d be able to tell by their teeth. Needless to say, I didn’t follow his suggestion. 
  • $4.38 - Cost per gallon of diesel fuel at Highbourne Cay Marina. We bought 20 gallons. That seemed pricey to me. There was a big boat ahead of us taking on 400 gallons of fuel. I can't even begin to imagine spending that much on fuel.

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How did last month go for you? What are you looking forward to this month?

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  1. Our boat holds 220 gallons of gasoline. Pretty pricey when we fill up. Thank goodness we only gas up a couple times a year. It's worth it to be on a boat though.

    May went by very quickly. We had great fun though. Next weekend we have a cruise to a yacht club we enjoy so that will be fun. Our summer is filled with many fun adventures.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  2. Sharks - eek! One is too many never mind 14.

  3. So, how salty or not salty was the Blue Hole? It was way to cold for us thin bloods to get in in May (also it seemed very creepy!)

    1. It seemed to be the same saltiness as the normal sea water. There were other people swimming in it so it wasn't creepy at all. And the water was nice and warm this time of year.

  4. Glad the parts came and you can be underway again. Enjoy June!

    1. Thanks so much - we were glad to get underway too. Hope you have a fab June.

  5. Mmm, Taco Tuesday. That sounds wonderful. Very cool about the sharks! I'd have loved to see that.

    Last month was all about my double-book launch. This month I had the in-person one at a local bookstore, and I was both looking forward to it and nervous about it. But it was a wonderful time! What a great celebration of the books. It was awesome to see so many friends and supporters in one place.

    1. Yay for you and your book launch and how wonderful to have so many friends there to support you :-)

  6. Wow; you guys had to go back to Indiantown again, this time to fix the davits. Yikes. Glad you are back in paradise now and hopefully the davits are fixed...


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