03 July 2015

June In Numbers

1 - View from Hopetown lighthouse in the Bahamas. 2 - Tickety Boo in her slip at Indiantown Marina. 3 - The best purchase we've ever made - an A/C!

It's time for our usual monthly recap in numbers. We continued our shakedown cruise in the Bahamas during the first part of June and then returned to Indiantown, Florida, where we plan on living on our boat during hurricane season.
  • 6 - Number of days we spent in the Bahamas during June.
  • Nil - Number of cookies I ate on our Gulf Stream crossing from the Bahamas to Florida. For those of you know how much I dread sailing in the dark, this is a huge surprise. The secret to night passages is to eat lots of cookies. They distract you from the scary stuff like freighters and icebergs. Turns out crossing the Gulf Stream wasn't so scary after all.
  • $13.99 - Average cost per night for our boat. This number will go up next month as we live aboard our boat at the marina during hurricane season.
  • 8 - Number of days anchored out in the Bahamas.
  • 2 - Number of days anchored out in Florida
  • 22 - Number of days as liveaboards at Indiantown Marina, Florida.
  • 2 - The number of times we had takeaway pizza from Dee Stefanos in Indiantown. On Mondays and Tuesdays you can get a medium cheese for under ten bucks. While it might not be the best pizza we've ever had, it sure beats cooking and it's relatively cheap.
  • 4 - Number of days we laid around like useless slugs doing absolutely nothing. The heat at Indiantown has been insane. If we had been actual slugs, we would have melted into little pools of slime. Instead, we sweated water out faster then we could replenish it and kept saying to each other, "Don't touch me, you're hot!"
  • 1 - The number of air conditioners we bought for our boat. I don't think I've ever been so excited about anything in my life. Seriously, spending the summer in southern Florida, where the real feel temp is routinely 100F/38C and above, is just unthinkable without air conditioning. I don't think I'm ever going to leave the boat again. It's just too dang hot out there.
  • 1 - Number of sad farewells. At the end of June, Scott headed back to Scotland for a while to take care of some work and other stuff.
  • 1 - Number of cats I want to sneak aboard our boat. His name is Sylvester and he's one of the marina cats. Black and white, adorable and loves cuddles (on his terms, of course). Scott absolutely doesn't want a boat cat, but since he's gone, he'll never know if I secretly adopt Sylvester.
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Hope you had a great (and cool) June and are having an even more amazing July!

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  1. They make air conditioners for boats - how cool.

  2. They probably do make AC just for boats, but what we got was one of those window units. We stuck it in the companionway door so that it blows into the saloon. It's kind of awkward stepping over it every time you want to get in/out of the boat, but so worth it in this Florida heat!

  3. They do indeed make AC for boats. Also reverse cycle AC. Had one on my Morgan33. Also used a window unit in my 27' Vega. Can't live in S. Fl w/o one. Indiantown marina is a great place, but there are better places close to the coast where you can get a breeze.

  4. Richard - you are so right, it is impossible to imagine living in southern Florida without A/C during the summer. Unthinkable!

  5. Not sure how I've missed reading your blog before now. I've seen you on Facebook. I'm loving your posts. Especially reliving the Abacos. I have a lot more time to read blogs right now...as we try to stay cool here in Hell (Texas) LOL. Our Monk 36 The Pearl is on the hard in Indaintown. We came back home for the summer because of a new grand baby. Boy they sure can get in the way of cruising. Stay cool!


    1. Congratulations on the grand baby - what a lovely reason to pause your cruising for a while. I think I've seen your boat at Indiantown. Stay cool and maybe our paths will cross when you head back to Indiantown.


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