27 July 2015

Goo. Sticky Goo. Icky, Sticky, Goopy Goo. {Or, How To Procrastinate On A Boat}

While Scott's away in the UK, he's left me with a long list of boat projects, many of which are unpleasant. Like scraping adhesive off of the cockpit. The previous owners used velcro to hold up the seat back cushions. Seems like a great idea, except for one major flaw. The intense heat in Florida melts the adhesive over time and turns it into icky, sticky, goopy goo. 

I get to scrape the goo off. Not only is it icky and sticky, it's gross, what with all dead bugs and other bits and bobs stuck in it. And its proving tricky to take off. I can only do a little bit before I find a way to procrastinate away the rest of the day. Like trying to channel Dr Seuss - I'm sure children everywhere would love a book about icky, sticky, goopy goo.

Icky, Sticky, Goopy Goo

Goo. Sticky goo.
Icky, sticky, goopy goo.

Goo on my shoe.
Like glue is the goo.

Sticks to my fingers.
Gee whillikers, how it lingers.

Goo day after day after day.
The crew just wants to play.

Boat projects suck.
Cleaning up muck.

Procrastination, you say?
Why not. Let's go out and play!

Let's play on our boat.
Let me fetch us our coats.

Oh no! My coat is covered in goo!
Oh no! My coat was brand spanking new!

Goo, oh, how I hate you.
Oh you, sticky, icky, goopy goo.

You covered my coat.
And now look how you gloat.

I can't go away.
I can't go and play.

No play, just goo.
This icky, sticky, goopy goo.

See what happens when Scott isn't here to supervise me? I think tomorrow I'll procrastinate by working on illustrations. Not sure how to draw goo though. Anyone have any experience with this?

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  1. There is this stuff called "Goof Off" that will remove the glue and not harm your fiberglass finish, awesome stuff easy peasy!

    1. Thanks for the tip - I'll check it out. I've got this stuff called Goo Gone which seems to be working pretty well. It's just that there's so much goo and it's hot outside so I always manage to find something to do down below in the A/C instead of tacking the goo :-)

  2. Lovely writing. Might I suggest a blob like amoeba with a sinister face for your illustrations? Loved it!!

    1. Great suggestion! Off to find some art supplies and start making illustrations :-)


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