14 April 2015

L Is For Life Lately

Sunset Key West
This is not the boat we're looking to buy. I just like the picture - nice reminder of our time in Key West. If only we had been on the water enjoying the sunset, rather than watching from Mallory Square.
During April, we're participating in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. Every day (except Sundays), we’ll be doing an alphabet themed post starting with “A is for Adventurous” and ending with “Z is for Zinc”. We've got a theme for every letter sorted except for Y. If you have any ideas for the letter Y, please leave a comment or email. 
I bet you’re wondering what we’ve been up to the last few weeks while we’ve been posting all of these A to Z Blogging Challenge posts. Okay, maybe it hasn’t been top of mind for you, but you’re in luck anyway as it’s time for one of our “Life Lately” posts. Because L is for "Life Lately"!

Most of our time lately has been consumed with the process of buying a boat. Or the process of trying to buy a boat, to be more precise. In case, you've never bought a boat before, here's how the process works:

1 - Spend a lot of time looking at boats online. Scott's cup of morning coffee goes hand in hand with checking out the usual sites to see what new listings there are. 

2 - Spend a lot of time checking out boats in person. Looking at boats online and reading all the specs is great, but it can't replace seeing a boat up close and personal. We've seen some boats that we thought we might like, only to realize they don't tick some of our boxes once we've seen up close and personal. 

3 - Finally! Let me say that again - FINALLY! We find a boat that ticks many of the boxes in terms of livability, safety and sailability. (We're realistic - we know that no boat is ever going to tick all of the boxes.) 

4 - Get super excited!

5 - Calm down - it may not work out.

6 - Go see the boat.

7 - Get super excited again!

8 - Calm down - it was just an initial look. More research and another look required.

9 - Try to make arrangements to see the boat again. Uh oh, the boat has developed engine problems which need to be addressed.

10 - Wait.

11 - Wait some more.

12 - Go to the Florida Keys and Everglades to pass the time.

13 - Get the news that the engine issues have been resolved.

14 - Try to make arrangements to see the boat again. Doesn't pan out.

15 - Make an offer conditional on seeing the boat again, along with the usual survey and sea trial.

16 - Offer accepted.

17 - Get super excited again!

18 - Calm down and remind yourself that it still needs to pass the survey and sea trial.

19 - See the boat again. Some issues, but overall seems promising.

20 - Spend hours trying to find a qualified surveyor who is available in a reasonable timeframe, along with a place to haul the boat out. Tear your hair out with all of the logistical nightmares and schedule changes.

21 - Get everything organized and scheduled. Get moderately excited (you've learned by now that boat buying is full of twists and turns and lots of drama and it's best not to get too excited). 

22 - Conduct the survey and sea trial.

23 - Get super disappointed. Some major issues identified by the surveyor. In it's current condition, the boat is not safe, seaworthy or insurable. YIKES! Definitely not the result that either the owner or we were looking for.

24 - Enter into discussions with the owner about how to proceed.

And that's where we're at. It's a bit like a soap opera - how will the story end? Will Ellen and Scott become boat owners or will the boat search start all over again? To be continued...

What's been going on lately with you? Any major purchases lately like a boat, or an RV or a house?

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  1. Too bad. I was getting excited for you. Not insurable doesn't sound too good.

    1. We're still working it through - fingers crossed that it will all pan out.

  2. Yikes indeed! Hope something resolves, either this boat or the next one.

  3. I wish I'd been up to some of the exciting things you suggest. I love the water and boats! My excitement however was greeting a beautiful spring day, along with my sidekick, my dog, and re-entering A to Z. Have fun!

    1. Enjoying a spring day with a cute dog sounds like heaven to me!

  4. Doesn't sound like a fun time, so many ups and downs. Just remember if at first you don't succeed then try and try again! Good luck, we hope that something will work out for you with this boat or with your future boat possiblities.


    1. Things seem to be looking up on the boat buying front right now. But I don't want to jinx it by saying too much :-)

  5. Arrrggg ! How frustrating ! If it makes you feel any better, I thought buying a brand new boat would be a piece of cake but we have had quite a few surprises along the way (and we're just getting started). T' ain't ever easy... Bon courage.

    1. I've been following along with your blog and FB page - you guys haven't had it too easy with the new boat. She's gorgeous though!

  6. Buying a boat has to be one super exciting life event. Congratulations.

    1. It is a pretty exciting time for us - like buying a new house.

  7. Insurance? If you plan to spend less than 100K and aren't taking a loan, then is it really necessary?

    Boat insurance brings season restrictions (e.g. out of tropics by june 1st type stuff).

    I sail uninsured and use the savings to buy heavier,better ground tackle. That's my insurance.

    1. We may go down to just third party lability after our first year, but for now we've decided to go the full insurance route.

  8. Having gone through 3 surveys before getting our boat, I can sympathize. Remember that you will undoubtedly find even more than the surveyor did during the first months of ownership. Keeping our fingers crossed for you guys that you get what you need...even if it isn't this particular boat. BTW, we should be back at our boat in a few days.


    1. Honestly, I cannot imagine going through three surveys. Talk about ups and downs, as well as the cost. Wow.

      Looks like you guys are having fun on your road trip, but I bet you'll be glad to get home - to the boat :-)


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