22 April 2015

S Is For Scott

Scott in Tahiti

During April, we're participating in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. Every day (except Sundays), we’ll be doing an alphabet themed post starting with “A is for Adventurous” and ending with “Z is for Zinc”. We've got a theme for every letter sorted except for Y. If you have any ideas for the letter Y, please leave a comment or email. 

A few weeks ago, I did a post on “E is for Ellen”, where I answered ten questions about myself. This time, I thought I would turn the tables on Scott and get him to answer ten questions. One teeny-tiny problem – Scott really doesn’t like to talk about himself and wouldn’t really be a willing participant in this little game of mine. So I’ve had to get sneaky and work these questions into everyday conversations. It was going okay until I asked him how many pairs of shoes he had. That’s when he got suspicious and pretty much stopped answering any of my questions except for things like, “Can I get you’re a beer?” and “Should we grill brats or hamburgers tonight?”  As a result, I’ve kind of had to make up a few answers to some of the questions since Scott wasn’t being too cooperative. See if you can figure which ones they are. 

1 – What is the one thing you think should be taught in school but isn’t?
How to avoid answering questions.

2 – What was your favorite activity in gym class?

Stop bothering me, I’m reading. 

3 – Would you prefer to camp in a tent or an RV?

I’m an old man and have to pee every ten minutes. Definitely an RV. It’s too far of a walk to the toilets in the middle of the night when you’re in a tent. 

4 – If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to?
I’m with Ellen on this one. Why go back in time, when you can go to the future. Then I could hire a robot to answer stupid questions for me. 

5 – If you could hire someone to help you, would it be for cooking, cleaning or mowing the lawn?

Why would I pay someone good money to do something that I can get Ellen to do for free?

6 – How many pairs of shoes do you own?

I have no idea. All anyone needs is one pair of shoes.Why are you asking me how many pairs of shoes I have? Hey, is this for that stupid blog post you want to do about me? No one cares how many shoes I have. {Editor’s Note: Scott has four pairs of shoes. A pair of Keen sandals, a pair of Sorrel boots for pheasant hunting in North Dakota, a pair of black shoes for when I make him get dressed up and a pair of hiking boots.}

7 – What was your first job?

Washing dishes. {Editor’s Note: That was all of the detail I could get from Scott.}

8 – What’s your favorite movie?

Lawrence of Arabia.

9 – If you were ruler of your own country, what’s the first law you would introduce?

No one can ask the ruler stupid questions.

10 – Have you ever had a nickname? If so, what was it?

Mr. Chatterbox.

Is there anything else you want to know about Scott? Not that he’ll give you an answer. How would you answer these questions?

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  1. Too funny!!!
    You are really flying through the alphabet now....I can hardly keep up with you :)

    1. Thankfully, we're getting closer to Z and the end is in sight :-)

  2. Too funny!!!
    You are really flying through the alphabet now....I can hardly keep up with you :)

  3. Awesome post. Nothing like a reluctant interviewee trying to ward off a determined interviewer. So, did Scott appreciate the finished product?

    1. Thanks Kern! Let's just say it wasn't his favorite post that I've ever written :-)

  4. Thank you, Ellen. You just Gave us some big laughs to help break the monotony of an otherwise very boring passage to our next anchorage!

    1. Happy to help! Scott will be glad to know he is the answer to monotonous passages :-)


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