13 February 2015

Hanging Out At Crystal River State Preserve, Florida

After spending the night in one Walmart and knowing our destination the next night was another Walmart (we’ve been having troubles finding decent places to camp lately), we decided to spend the day hanging out at Crystal River Preserve State Park. Because, let’s face it, spending the day in a Walmart parking lot isn’t a lot of fun. Unless of course you’ve got some sort of strange fascination with shopping carts.

We had scoped out Crystal River Preserve the previous day and it ticked all of our boxes – on the water, nice picnic areas, boats and no entrance fee. It was one of those days where we basically did nothing other then read, eat and go for a walk. 

Crystal River Dinghy

Law Enforcement Boat

We had two couples come up and ask us about our Scamp travel trailer. We seem to get that a lot. After all, they’re pretty adorable and a bit different looking than many RVs. 

Scamper Crystal River Preserve

I got to practice tying knots while we were there. It’s been almost a year since we sold our last sailboat and I was worried that I had forgotten everything. Of course, it’s easy enough to do when you’re taking your time, you’re on land and there are helpful diagrams. Nothing like tying a bowline knot under pressure on the water. Those dreaded bunny knots.

Knots Crystal River

Not a bad life, just sitting on the pier and watching the boats go by. That is, until the sun starts to go down and the noseeums come out to play. Of course, their idea of playing means biting you until you legs run red with blood from itching them. Then you’re almost glad to get into your Scamper and head on out to Walmart. Almost.

Pier Crystal River

We hung out at Crystal River Preserve State Park on 1 February 2015.

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  1. Sounds like a great break from Wal-Mart parking lots! I am so sorry you all are having such problems finding places to camp. Who would have thought it??

    1. We've ended up having to do a lot more planning and spending time trying to book things in advance, but it kind of takes the fun out of a laid back approach to travelling :-(


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