06 February 2015

January In Numbers

January has been a great month for us traveling around the States in Scamper, our tiny travel trailer. We rang in the New Year in Kemah, Texas and now we’re enjoying the sunshine in Florida. Here’s a little recap of our month by the numbers.
  • 5 – Number of states we traveled through – Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida.
  • 4 – Number of states we camped at – Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida. Sorry Alabama – maybe next time.
  • 15 – Number of different places we camped at including RV parks in Kemah (TX) and New Orleans (LA), Shepard State Park (LA), Gulf Islands National Seashore (FL), Pine Log State Forest (FL), Ochlockonee River State Park (FL), Manatee Springs State Park (FL) and Levy County Camground (FL).
  • 6 – Number of times we boondocked (aka dry camped) – 4 times at Walmart parking lots, 1 time in a city parking lot and 1 time in a wildlife refuge.
  • $18.42 – Average campsite cost. Sure wish we could bring this down lower, but it seems hard to find places to boondock for free in Florida and campsite/RV park costs seem high relative to where we’ve been before.
  • 2 – Number of times we ate Ethiopian food – once in Houston (fabulous!) and once in New Orleans (mediocre).
  • Unknown – Number of miles we drove. I kind of got slack in keeping our log during January, but I imagine it was a lot as we traveled from Texas to Florida.
  • $310 – Amount we spent on gas. It seems like a lot, but I guess it could be worse if you’re driving a bigger rig. They probably spend a zillion times more on gas/diesel then we do towing our lightweight Scamp.
  • Undisclosed – Amount we spend on chocolate cake to satisfy my sweet tooth. Walmart sells these great chocolate cake slices. I’m sure it’s horrible for you, but oh so satisfying if you love chocolate. I’m too embarrassed to report how much of our monthly spend has been invested in cake. Probably too much.
  • 2 – Number of new critters we’ve seen – armadillos and manatees. First time for me seeing either of these in the wild. One of the best parts about camping is seeing wildlife.
  • 0 – Number of sailboats we’ve bought. But, we’re still searching. Maybe the right one is waiting for us somewhere in Florida.
  • 70+ – Number of new followers of our Facebook page. It’s a bit overwhelming to think that so many new people are following us. Thank you to everyone who stops by and and shares in our travel adventures. Hopefully, you’re enjoying hanging out with us!
Hope you all have had a fabulous January and an even greater February!

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