05 January 2015

Going For A Walk: Kemah, Texas

Scott and I spent a week in the Kemah area in Texas and the weather pretty much sucked every day. For some reason, I thought Texas was supposed to be warm during the winter. I couldn't have been more wrong. We used our heater every night and I had to wear two pairs of socks every day just to make sure I didn't get frostbite. Okay, perhaps I exaggerate just a little bit, but it was unseasonably and unreasonably cold, rainy, foggy, windy and just downright unpleasant at times. Fortunately, the sun broke through the clouds one afternoon and we went for a little walk in Kemah. 

The brightly colored rides on the boardwalk would almost have you believe it was a beautiful, sunny day. That is until you notice everyone is wearing hats and scarves. 

Kemah is a small town in the greater Houston area on the Galveston Bay. It was originally a fishing town, but now caters to the tourist crowd. The Kemah Boardwalk is what draws them in. Amusement rides, restaurants, bars, boat rides and souvenir shops. The usual suspects. 

Like this place - Landry's Seafood restaurant. I'm not sure if it was an old movie theater that they turned into a restaurant, but I like the sign out front. We didn't eat there, but the almond crusted mahi mahi sure sounded good.

The sun went back behind the clouds not too long into our walk. I thought it might be fun to ride on the old wooden roller coaster on the boardwalk, but somehow roller coasters, scarves, hats and gloves don't seem to go together. My sister and I used to love riding on the old wooden roller coaster at Cedar Point in Ohio every summer. But of course, it was summer when we went there - shorts, t-shirts and sunglasses. Not scarves, hats and gloves. Oh well, maybe next time.

Anyone fancy an Icee on a cold winter day in Texas?

Wow, I keep complaining about the weather. I'm even getting tired of listening to myself talk about it. Let's look at a picture of the piers in Kemah instead. A very good distraction.

Hopefully, the weather and my mood will improve next time you stop by our little corner of the blogosphere. Until next time, keep warm and dry. 

PS For those of you in New Zealand, please stop posting pictures of how wonderful it is to be out and about in the warm temperatures, playing and frolicking among the pohutukawa trees on the beaches. It's just plain depressing! 

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We went for a chilly walk in Kemah, TX on 3 January 2015.


  1. This brings back some memories! We purchased our first large boat at Kemah.

    Happy New Year to ya'll! (see ~ we can still speak Texan)

    Mark and Cindy
    s/v Cream Puff

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