21 January 2015

Desperate For A Toilet In New Orleans

Sign outside one of the few public toilets in New Orleans.
Seriously New Orleans - what's with the lack of public toilets? Don't you know that there are middle-aged folks walking the streets of New Orleans desperately looking for a toilet? Or parents with little children who suddenly announce that they have to go pee now? Don't get me wrong New Orleans, you're a fun city to explore, but would it hurt to build a few more public toilets? 

Have any of you been to New Orleans? I was there many years ago with my mom and I don't remember being so desperate to find a toilet. But then again, I wasn't middle aged back then. 

If you're going to go to New Orleans, my advice is to do some planning before you visit. And I don't mean deciding what sights you're going to see or how many beignets you're going to eat at Cafe du Monde. I mean, figuring out where the public toilets are and marking them down on your map. Of course, you can always pop into a restaurant, bar or hotel and ask if you can use their toilets, but you do risk getting turned away. Trust me, it happens. 

But to be fair to New Orleans, despite the lack of public toilets, it is an incredible city. My mom and I visited before Hurricane Katrina and I was surprised how much the city looks the same. I'm not sure if they just did a fantastic job rebuilding or if I just can't remember things anymore. I'm middle-aged, remember. Memory is one of the first things to go.

Anyway, here are some pictures of our time in New Orleans so that you know that it wasn't all bad. At some point, I'll do one of our "Going for a Walk" posts so that you can get the full scoop on what we got up to when we weren't looking for a bathroom. By the way, if you want to see our other "Going for a Walk" posts, just click on "Walk" under labels on the right hand side of the page. They're mostly pictures with some eccentric humor thrown in from time to time.

One of the musicians outside of Cafe du Monde. I love their beignets and cafe au lait so much that we went to Cafe du Monde two days in a row! And if you're desperate for a toilet, there is a public one near Cafe du Monde. But it only seems to be open during the day. I made the mistake of trying to use it at night.
One of the many old ghost signs on the buildings in New Orleans. Mint juleps are delicious. Only problem is that if you drink too many of them, you'll be desperate for a toilet.
Picture at the Basin Street Station. You can find tourist information, some exhibits and public toilets there.

We explored New Orleans and searched out public toilets on 10-12 January 2015.

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  1. Funny, I can't say that I remember the toilet situation, but I'm sure I'll notice the next time we're there!

    1. Hopefully, they'll build a few more before you visit there next :-)

  2. I tend to recall people peeing in the streets and side alleys (both men and women). But, in all fairness, the trip is a little bit of a blur still.


    Mark and Cindy
    s/v Cream Puff

    1. Fortunately, we didn't get quite that desperate and pee in the street :-)

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