13 October 2014

Going For A Walk: Manito Park {Spokane, Washington}

Spokane keeps surprising me. I've been visiting this small city on the eastern side of Washington State for over 20 years, but I don't think I've ever realized how much it has going for it until recently. We went for a walk in downtown Spokane a few weeks ago and I was surprised by all of the great architecture. (Do you ever find that you just walk through a place and forget to pause and really look at the buildings?) And then, just the other week, I was surprised to find that there are incredible botanic gardens located in Manito Park in the South Hills.

Manito means "spirit of nature" in the Algonquian language and with over 90 acres to walk around, you'll be feeling nature's spirit in no time. Here is a pretty flower to get you in the mood. 

If you like formal, European style botanic gardens, then you'll like the Duncan Garden. Even if you don't like formal, European style botanic gardens, I bet you'll still like it. Lots of color, orderly flower beds and a fountain. What's not to like? (Mom - you would like this place. All of the flowers stay neatly in their flowerbeds where they belong. Kind of like how you wished our toys would stay neatly in our toy box when we were little, instead of being scattered all over the floor.)


Fall has arrived here in the Pacific Northwest. It felt very autumnal looking at the leaves changing color, flowers fading and plants starting to die back in preparation for the coming winter. Despite the change of seasons, the roses were still going strong. Rose Hill is a really nice rose garden. Not as nice as the one in Portland (it is the City of Roses after all), but still pretty impressive.

Right next to Rose Hill is the Gaiser Conservatory. There are just two conservatories open to the public, but they're worth exploring. Unfortunately for you, we took a number of shots of plants and flowers up close. You now have to look at a few of them.

Sorry, I don't know what happened there. It turns out they were all cactus pictures. And kind of strange ones at that. But then again, cacti are strange to begin with. I feel I must regain your trust with another picture of a pretty flower. 

There has been a lot going on for us lately, so it was so nice to stumble upon the Nishinomiya Japanese Garden. Such a peaceful place. The minute you walk through the gate, you can feel your blood pressure drop and the tension in your shoulders ease ever so slightly. 

We really liked the botanic gardens at Manito Park. I bet you would too. What's the best botanic garden you've ever been to? Have you seen the one in Auckland, New Zealand? Overall, it is just okay, but the children's garden more than makes up for it. You can read more about it here.

Walk on 26 September 2014

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