02 October 2014

Sorry, Not Open This Week {Kellogg, Idaho}

We stopped by Kellogg, Idaho the other day. It was so depressing. Usually, we write posts about places we've enjoyed visiting. Places you might want to check out on day. We're not too sure if you want to go to Kellogg though. Unless, of course, you like seeing businesses struggling to survive, lots of empty commercial properties and a sense of despair. We saw this sign on one of the local bars - "Sorry, Not Open This Week." It kind of captures the spirit of the place.

It's a shame, really, as Kellogg has real potential. There are some interesting buildings in the upper section of town. Like this old YMCA. I bet if you had some money and imagination, you could turn this into something cute and quirky. Like a boutique hotel with a cat cafe on the bottom floor. Cat cafes are a sure fire way to get tourists to flock to your town. Of course, they attract a certain demographic - like crazy cat ladies. But, they often drop a few dollars on cat t-shirts and mugs. Every little bit helps when it comes to driving the local economy.

If you're in the market to buy a house, head to Kellogg. It seems like every other house is for sale. I bet you can pick one up cheap. Although, if you do decide to settle in the area, I'm not sure what kind of local employment opportunities there are. The only two businesses that seem to be doing well are the car dealerships and the cash advance place. It's handy. You can buy a car at the local dealership. Then, when you can't afford to put food on the table or make your mortgage payment, you can go to the cash advance place, give them the title to your car and they'll give you some cash. Once you can't make the payments on your cash advance anymore, they'll take your car away from you and sell it back to the car dealership. And the circle is completed. 

There is a ski resort at Kellogg called Silver Mountain. Maybe things pick up during the winter months. Parts of the town have a faux European ski chalet kind of feel. 

If you like old signs, like Scott does, then you might want to go to Kellogg after all. There are a few good ones there. This one is my favorite.

With the mining economy having taken a downturn, Kellogg is trying to redefine itself as a tourist destination. Maybe the next time you drive through Idaho, you can stop by and help them out?


  1. Closed! Reminds me of when the Griswold's went to Wally World and it was closed.

    1. How funny! Fortunately, we didn't run into the same issues that the Griswolds had :-)


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