07 April 2014

Going For A Walk: Whangarei Town Centre {Or A Cute Town Makes Up For Fanworm}

After making our way to Whangarei, we spent a few days at the Whangarei Town Basin Marina. When we weren't dealing with fanworm, we had a chance to get out and explore the town. The area right around the marina is really cute with some old style buildings. But if you walk just a little further you'll find yourself in a large commercial area, which, while not as cute as the town centre, does make for a very interesting stroll. Here are some of the photos Scott captured on our walks about town.

The marina is spread out over two sides of the river - one side near the park and one side near the marina office and the town centre. There is a footbridge which connects both sides.

There was a display of floral carpets on the bridge when we were there as part of a World War I  commemoration.

This was my favorite one. It depicts Robert George, who died at Chunuk Blair and whose body was never recovered. It is amazing what you can do with flowers.

Scattered among the overseas yachts at the marina are some local boats, like this fishing boat.

This is the marina office - the cutest one I've ever seen!

Right next to the marina office is Rewa's. We had a few drinks and a meal there. Very nice place to sit outside at, look at all the boats and watch the world go by.

Right near the marina are a number of older style buildings full of cafes, shops and the usual tourist trap kind of things.

Once you head a bit further out from marina, you can see a number of interesting signs and buildings. If only the bowling pins were actually this large in the bowling alley itself. That way, I would stand a chance of actually knocking one down, instead of throwing my usual gutter balls.
I thought this was such a cute sign, kind of an Art Deco style. I'm not sure what Kiwi birds and bacon have to do with one another. Hopefully, they're not making some sort of bacon product out of Kiwi birds.

This is the dairy right next to the marina on the park side. I love the nautical themed sign with the lighthouse on it. Plus pictures of large Magnum ice cream bars are always a bonus.

The park side of the marina. Can you spot the tiniest boat in the picture? That would be ours. Our 26' boat was positively dwarfed by all the large overseas boats at the marina.

Night time at the marina - off to bed now!

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  1. Lovely pictures and how cool that you are sailing the world!

    1. Thanks for the kind words! Seeing the world by boat is a great way to do it!

  2. Haha, I really do help they aren't making any kind of bacon products out of Kiwis!

    1. I know - I do like bacon, but not made out of Kiwis!

  3. Love the photos - and Rewa's is a favourite spot when I'm in town :) Your boat looks so cute next to the big over-flashy ones!

    1. Thanks Jessi! Rewa's is such a great place to sit and have a drink and enjoy the views. I think our boat looked a little like a toy car next to real cars :-)


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