18 April 2014

Going For A Walk: Browns Island {Or Don't Worry, The Volcano Is Extinct}

Brown's Island - one of the many volcanoes scattered around Auckland.

Browns Island has been on my list of "really, really want to visit before we leave New Zealand" ever since I started doing research on islands in the Hauraki Gulf last year. It has everything you could want in an island - archaeological sites, a volcano and great views. We finally made it there and it was well worth the visit! If you want to know more about the island, you can read our original post here.

We landed our dinghy on the beach near Crater Bay. It is a fair weather anchorage so best to wait for a settled day for your visit to the island.
There is a clearly marked path with access to the island via these stairs. Don't worry, there aren't too many of them.
Once you get up the stairs you can see Auckland off in the distance, as well as some of the archaeological remains on the island.
We headed up the path to the top of the volcanic cone.
And this is what it looks like. Doesn't look like it is going to erupt again anytime soon.
After walking around the cone, we tramped through the tall grass over to the other beach to check out the remains of the old ferry boats which were abandoned there. You should time your visit for low tide so you can check them out.
Another one of the old ferries.
I have no idea what this is.

Some of the best views of the islands in the inner Hauraki Gulf and of Auckland can be had from Browns Island. 

Walk took place on Tuesday, 18 March 2014


  1. That rusty thing looks like a heat exchanger, possibly a steam boiler used to drive something, maybe the ferry?

    1. See that's why you're building your own boat - you know things like this. If I tried to build a boat or a ferry, it would probably sink. :-)

    2. Yeah, that's an old steam boiler


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